It’s Not Just Cats

“Cheney had the right idea.” That’s what some will be saying one day, as opposed to the all-too-common Hitler maxim. Who wants to kill grandma now?

EPA Being Sued Over Illegal Human Testing

Since at least 2004 and up through the Obama administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been secretly testing highly toxic/lethal air pollutants on unhealthy human study subjects for the sole purpose of finding out what harm would be caused by the exposures. In no case, were the human study subjects fully informed of the dangers posed by the experimentation, nor were they intended to benefit from the experimentation.

2004: Same year they built the secret police army.

This is the US Government’s solution to overpopulation. As someone who spent some portion of 2011 calling constituents in Michigan in order to remind their two Democrat US senators to vote to keep the EPA funded to protect the Great Lakes from pollution and invasive species, I have no doubt that this was and is not a partisan issue, not much. There’s what they say and there’s what they do.

While overpopulation and resources are clearly things that need to be dealt with, I cannot help thinking that the real motives are those with money not wanting to have to support the poor and middle class through economic problems of their making and another new market to be exploited, as the other assassination training posts I’ve put on this blog, that of reducing population to “protect” America.

(Anyway, it’s easy to talk about logically when you no longer have a dog in the fight. Wonder if that was the intent.)


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