Quote of the Day

Regardless of the unattractiveness or noisy militancy of some private citizens or organizations, the Constitution does not permit federal interference with their activities except through the criminal justice system, armed with its ancient safeguards. There are no exceptions. No federal agency, the CIA, the IRS, or the FBI, can be at the same time policeman, prosecutor, judge and jury. That is what constitutionally guaranteed due process is all about. It may sometimes be disorderly and unsatisfactory to some, but it is the essence of freedom…I suggest that the philosophy supporting COINTELPRO is the subversive notion that any public official, the President or a policeman, possesses a kind of inherent power to set aside the Constitution whenever he thinks the public interest or “national security” warrants it. That notion is postulate of tyranny.

—Congressman Don Edwards, 1975

A Political Tale

(Or is that “Apolitical”?)

It was Summer of 2010 in Minneapolis. The midterm election was looming. I worked for OFA at various DFL events. One such event was Gay Pride weekend.

Of course, there was something of a downer mere days before. I had, it seems, been bitten on the lower left eyelid by an insect. The eyelid turned purple and then the skin began to necrotize. I had no idea if it was permanent disfigurement and assumed it probably was. As I said (this is documented elsewhere on this blog), I took the sunglasses off to gauge the reaction of a barrista a day or two after it happened to see if I was exaggerating it’s visibility. The resulting gasp indicated I was not.

At the event, wearing sunglasses the whole time, I ran into some people forming a political action committee. This one was named RATPAC and was aimed at undermining the vote for Michelle Bachman by peeling off some tax-conscious libertarians (like most Republicans, she actually isn’t one; they love to spend, but only when the spending or not spending causes someone harm, preferably death).

I was intrigued, and so went to a meeting after my shift at the tent getting signatures for ending DADT. I also met a former Daily Show producer, Liz Winstead, there who was from the area. She wasn’t there for the meeting, but talked to us when she overheard the conversation.

And so, faced with homelessness, no paying work, continued psychological harassment, and not a single one of my leads taking me anywhere near having paying work, i suddenly got angry one day. I got very, very angry.

So i called Bachmann’s offices and told them about the PAC. Never heard back.

A few minutes after the phone call I was laughing hysterically, imagining the reaction.

It should be noted that that race raised more money that election than any congressional race in history, more than many senatorial races do even now. I think Bachmann raised around $12 million herself. The RATPAC had about $4,000, as I recall.

The point, I think, was that Bachmann’s seat was actually safe. Those contributions to “save” her actually pulled money away from other districts where the outcome might have been shakier. At least I think that was the point.

The larger point, of course, is how easy it was to manipulate me into doing that, and how the supposed party that cares about people, does not. They took advantage of what they or some other party did. Capitalized on my misery. It is–except for the realization that this is so–one of my biggest regrets having volunteered for those bloodsuckers.

But none of that matters. People don’t matter. I’ve been so isolated from the people who knew me before and driven half-mad, so who gives a flying f*** what happened to me? It’s more important that political strategists get their share of campaign contributions and that the Democrats continue to pretend to care about all of those things that the Republicans won’t “let” them fix. More important for the party leadership to let people like me know that they can and will resort to slavery because they damn well can. I wonder if the GOP treats O’Keefe that way?

I was going to wait until after Tuesday, but didn’t. Wonder why that is.

Anyway, it’s obvious, isn’t it? They beat you mercilessly psychologically, emotionally, isolate you completely from your former life, make you so crazy that you are angry enough to take it out on someone else. The crazy part is so that those people you used to know won’t believe it, nor will anyone else, such as journalists. This is undoubtedly how CIA field agents are treated as well. Fall into enemy hands and they are already so nuts that they are useless for most purposes.

And that is part of the “cold war” Romney was talking about. This is how the United States of America conducts its business, that shining beacon of democracy that that Torontonian attorney was mentioning as part of his reason for not taking my case.

This is my “choice”. Join the likes of Jon Vogel and Chris Van Vollen or continue to be subject to CIA/DOD bulls*** designed to get some assholes more contract money.

In any case, you know the truth now even if you don’t yet believe it. While I would under normal circumstances be as disturbed by the thought of outsourcing, “let them die”, double the size of Gitmo, Romney, I don’t see much of a difference when the other guys conduct themselves this way and don’t actually do what needs to be done to fix anything: clean up DC. They don’t want to because it would hurt their pocketbooks too.

Meanwhile, those people who are supposed to be the ones these people are fighting for pay the price. I of course support gay marriage but question it as a priority in a country gone security mad, engaged in endless war, spying and attacking (and likely murdering) its own citizens, engaging in kidnapping and torture, and ignoring the single largest looming potential extinction event in the history of mankind. Change has been taken out of the vocabulary because the powerful don’t want it, just more of the same because it’s not their kids paying the price. Privilege will always be able to avoid the worst of that, at least to a point.

So enjoy. “Life isn’t always fair,” they tell me. Except it wasn’t life that did this to me, it was assholes like them.

Spook Gold Rush

WSJ – Retired FBI agent arraigned in Afghan scheme

Prosecutors say Robert G. Lustyik Jr. was a counterintelligence officer based in White Plains, N.Y., who agreed to “blow the doors off” a federal investigation for a share in the business of Boston-based American International Security Corp., a defense and security firm. The case got its start in Utah as a money-laundering probe after a company associate was questioned about taking large amounts of cash out of a St. George credit union.

Alas, ‘Balding’ is not Lustyik.

Also an Army colonel involved, and others. A pity that they have to be this f***ing stupid to get caught:

“I’ve made us all stinking rich!!!” Lustyik wrote the friend, according to an email intercepted by the government. “For 30 years I’ve sacrificed to get to this point.”

No question this is also going on in CIA and NSA, probably the rest of the dysfunctional intel family and the Pentagon as a whole. It’s not a few bad apples either, it’s the rule. Who gives a s*** who they hurt as long as they get their retirement fundage, right?

Note this part:

charges of trying to derail an investigation into a defense contract scandal in exchange for promises of riches that apparently never materialized.

That was the mistake, not making the money flow. If he’d pulled that off, they’d be arresting whoever blew the whistle instead.

It’s easy to see why it’s gotten so corrupt, too. Congress allows whatever fills their coffers, so the spooks become disillusioned and figure, “Why not me, too?” The problem, of course, when you get caught and you don’t have the right friends to protect you, Congress offers you up as a sacrifice to their own culpability; they write a phony narrative with them as the concerned shepherds of taxes and the law who just didn’t know what was happening…couldn’t possibly have known…

Because they don’t ask and don’t want to know. Just keep the green coming.

Meanwhile, you get Frankenstorms and mass chaos due to aged infrastructure and a fanatical dedication to the old ways of providing energy. How to make a buck is far and away ahead of how to preserve our home.

And one way to make a buck is to target US citizens and just make s*** up about them so as to have an excuse. The more they provoke you, the harsher they make your life, the greater the chances they will be able to say, “See! We told you they needed to be watched” when it was their harassment, attacks, etc. that lead to all of it to begin with. You cannot attack people and expect them to be reasonable. It’s the modern day version of witch trials. Drown and you’re innocent.

Switching the subject again, way out there, it is obvious that there are opposing parties involved in my situation. For example, who showed me how the Conway fire was started, that lasers could be made at home? Who arranged that “chance” meeting?

What they missed, not having seen how things are from my perspective, is how involving someone innocent in this mess doesn’t matter one whit. They don’t care. This whole story could be proven, splashed across every paper, on every TV, and it still wouldn’t matter.

People have stopped giving a s*** about people they don’t know. It’s that simple. And it’s the problem. Whoever thought this s*** up, you were about two decades too late. Wasted energy, wasted time, but of course it’s yours truly who pays for it. F*** you.

Halloween Hackings of the Third Kind

“It’s the same old theme as nineteen-sixteen.”

I could, I suppose talk about the coming UFO invasion, about being abducted and detained indefinitely, probably to be experimented upon. That would fit the season.

Or, I could go on about ghouls capturing children for the nefarious pleasures of their masters. That’s certainly terrifying.

Then there’s the fact that we haven’t seem to have caught a realworld Freddie Krueger in years. In fact, I think, only one since the inception of the American Stasi in 2004 and 2005. No, Jason Vorheeves has found a new home. He and Michael Myers are doing what they do–to you and yours–on your nickel. Believe me, once you’ve spent enough time on the wrong side of the intel community, you realize that you are at the mercy of sadistic, homicidal maniacs.

You have a better explanation? The funding for mental health has taken a nosedive. It’s not as though they are all in hospitals, being drugged and behaving themselves. No, they just exploring different avenues of “fun” as directed. How hard would it have been to find them given unprecedented levels of surveillance?

And then there are the ones who aren’t the professional sadists, killers, merely the “pod people”, the sock puppets. They are running around causing mayhem so current and former spooks and soldiers and the politicians they contribute to can continue stealing all those tax dollars while simultaneously making certain that people in their newfound tax bracket and above don’t have to pay for it.

Who knows where they will strike next?

But even that isn’t as scary as what they can do to you… Make you do to someone else.

And ’tis the season for the sensational. And zombies are all the craze. So here goes.

It starts with animals, preferably our close cousins. It ends with bedtime for Bonzo, naturally, and a few off-color jokes about shooting monkeys, because some people, y’know, they don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution.

Then it “spreads” to human subjects. Rumor has it there are at least eight cases. The inevitable cover-up blames so-called bath salts, but science doesn’t lie when the tests come up negative. Then they move to marijuana, and though I am not an advocate, also reject Reefer Madness as being anything but propaganda. Eat all of your Cheetos? Yes. Eat your face? Not likely.

No. That’s someone continuing the old Ewan Cameron/Sydney Gottlieb (you can think of them as the Doctors Frankstein) of trying to answer that question, “What does this button do?” (The real reason is of course that it’s fun and has the implicit approval of all involved).

So it goes on. Faces were chewed. Couple it with all sorts of other doomsday scenarios (see the Fauxpoclaypse tag for more, some portion of which I grant you is probably fancy and yet on someone’s wish list) and, hell, you could probably turn most people Mormon.

And They’ll be willing to allow you to round up anyone and everyone you don’t like, just to make the fear go away. It’s like torture that way, easy to make people do what you want. Path of least resistance is always give in to the bullies. Just ask anyone, because pretty much everyone has and will continue to do so. That’s not even behavioral modification, that’s just human nature. “If I kiss their asses hard enough, they’ll let me and mine alone.” After all, if God had intended for us to get along, he’d have come down and said so. He’s clearly too busy hiding in an undisclosed location.

I’d like to say that the idea of using neuroscience to mimic the old zombie stuff was my idea, but of course this is covered in Neuropath, though Bakker included the use of wires to make it so. He can be forgiven, I suppose, for not realizing that all that’s needed is the electronics and drugs to make it work. And, of course, even the legends have some basis in fact. And that means the ghouls must find out if it’s possible.

All that talk about implants people do… Not necessary. We were born with the only implant required. Just add wireless data of sufficient strength and accuracy to overcome the low-level internal stuff, add some chemicals to throw off the logic circuits, and you’ve got instant flesh-eating cannibals.

Face it. You are the zombie. You’ve always been the real target anyway:

This concept of guerilla warfare as a political war turns Psychological Operations into the factor that determines the results. The target, then, are the minds of the population, the entire population: Our troops, the enemy troops, and the civil population.

–CIA Guerrilla Warfare Manual

Bon apetit!

HPM Weapons Out, Frickin’ Lasers In, and Dr. Lin

Nature – “Microwave Weapons: Wasted Energy”

Note that this is referring to crowd control and electronic disablement stuff and not those other covert ops applications. I just love some of the code names.

But the Navy says lasers are within two years of deployment, “well past physics.”

Wired Danger Room – “Navy’s Top Geek Says Laser Arsenal is Just Two Years Away”

Also, I added a link at right to the state of research in microwaves on mammals in 1978, a PDF of Dr. Charles C. Lin’s book which includes some of the intended and possible applications at the time. I note that there is increased activity (that apparently can even overcome some curare-like drugs – that’s sleep deprivation and the possibility of making someone so active that they work themselves to death), mucking with heart rate (obvious, isn’t it?), and of course the main point of the book, projecting sound into the head without the need for a receiver. I only got through the thing a few days ago myself. Note that there are a few pages missing towards the front. Lin includes some of the history, such as Frey’s discovery in 1961 and subsequent research. A lot of it is describing methods and data and what they did to a lot of cats (rats, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits) to get there.

I believe that this served as the foundation of whatever it is I’ve witnessed so many times that it’s as real as gravity is to me now. Some method of projecting voices into people’s heads, effectively taking over, hijacking if you will, their conscious thought processes.

If I had only seen that in strangers, and not in people I’ve known for decades, I might be more inclined to think I’d merely been psyoped, that it was a ploy to make me jump to the wrong conclusion. But I have seen it in people I’ve known that long, have seen what it can do, and it can and is affect the outcomes of anything from elections to court cases. People who think they are making perfectly rational decisions are doing so based on someone else’s logic (which, granted, many or most of us do anyway, but at least we know we’re doing that and not debating it with only the data points someone else wants us to consider). It can even make the simplest interactions with law enforcement go awry.

That was how they “talked” me into self-immolation in August of 2011. I was hit with a barrage of arguments for it and, as I said, it took ten days to get them out of my head, to refute them, to argue them down enough so the idea wasn’t still sitting there in the forefront asking to be planned out. And I knew exactly what was happening.

Imagine what happens when someone doesn’t know, and either is already mentally ill or has been drugged to the point of illogic, as I was back in late ’09 for quite some time after. They could have the voice of God (Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez) or their dear old dead Aunt telling (Dan Markingson) them what “needs” to be done and accepting that as fact.

That’s just the way it is. That it might not fit with your world view doesn’t make it any less true. Time to look into it.

Recent Events Part 3

I mentioned car trouble. Here’s the list (which gets longer by the day):

Black pickup up – needed new engine
White van – new starter
Red pickup – got tuneup before trip, died on trip
Tan auto – engine troubles after changing spark plugs; needed new computer and other parts; now tire problem
Silver auto – leak in radiator (fixed, for now) then tire blow out just this morning

And that’s five vehicles from just two families, all recent.

As previously noted, there was car trouble that lead to the Squidgate bridge event coinciding with the Open Government Directive day (two rental cars leading to the third and a two-day delay), there was car trouble in November 1989 at the NJSF resulting in my loss of the car, and there were tire issues for two rental cars which lead me to rent a third on my trip towards Toronto (stopping off in Kentucky and Michigan on the way) earlier this year. And someone let some of the air out of the tire while it was parked in Tennessee. I must have come back out before they were finished and refilled it.

It’s a favorite harassment technique because, much like making beloved pets ill, it’s expensive to deal with. It also of course can cause problems at work due to being late or not being able to arrive at all without transportation.

It is remarkable that it goes on and on like this. Gotta be because the GOP in Congress let it go on, even encourage it because, like their leader, they want to see America fail.

That party is in for the bitchslap of the century, mark my words.

New Link and Torture Article

Added psychologist and journalist Jeffrey Kaye’s blog Invictus. Also, here’s a recent article by Kaye, about how the real world Jack Ryan is just a nazi pig who hates the self-evident truths that the US was founded on, cares only for seeking self-gratification through causing pain, and financial gain by screwing the American public. (Well, that’s my take).

[Donald O.] Hebb was elected president of the American Psychological Association in 1960.

But Hebb was also a major researcher for the U.S. MK-ULTRA mind-control and coercive interrogation program.

Much like Ewan “Let’s See What Electricity Applied to the Brain Repeatedly Can Do” Cameron. More at the article, “Top US Psychologist: Isolation Research Meant To Study Brainwashing” (and here’s a link to the article cited within the article by Alfred McCoy in PDF {no relation as far as I know}).