Recent Events Part 2

You may have noticed that within the eight-post portion I wrote last month regarding the Squidgate trial, I mentioned an American writer named Madeline Ashby. At some point during those posts, unknown to me until some days after it occurred when I read about it on Twitter, Ashby’s purse was stolen while she was in California. She lost her passport, which meant she was unable to return to Toronto and her husband until she got a new one or jumped through several other related bureaucratic hoops in order to be able to return. She did eventually get what she needed and returned.

Note again that the Wednesday night/Thursday morning before the Squidgate trial in March of 2010, my iPhone and cash were pickpocketed. As some smart fellow once noted, it was interesting that the thief left me my IDs and cards so I would still be able to make it to Port Huron for the trial where, it seems, some party desired to make me behave violently due to the extreme harassment and phony narratives they cooked up all designed to appear to be a string of bad luck with some level of plausible deniability.

There are more recent events I’ll relate in the coming days.

Also, there is car trouble everywhere I look, another favorite of those who engage in these operations in order to cause as much strife and frustration as possible, to cause financial stress on people, and therefore to pass blame on to anyone except of course those actually responsible in our s***ty little intelligence community chock full of freedom-hating sociopaths.

That is all for now.


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