New Link and Torture Article

Added psychologist and journalist Jeffrey Kaye’s blog Invictus. Also, here’s a recent article by Kaye, about how the real world Jack Ryan is just a nazi pig who hates the self-evident truths that the US was founded on, cares only for seeking self-gratification through causing pain, and financial gain by screwing the American public. (Well, that’s my take).

[Donald O.] Hebb was elected president of the American Psychological Association in 1960.

But Hebb was also a major researcher for the U.S. MK-ULTRA mind-control and coercive interrogation program.

Much like Ewan “Let’s See What Electricity Applied to the Brain Repeatedly Can Do” Cameron. More at the article, “Top US Psychologist: Isolation Research Meant To Study Brainwashing” (and here’s a link to the article cited within the article by Alfred McCoy in PDF {no relation as far as I know}).


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