Recent Events Part 3

I mentioned car trouble. Here’s the list (which gets longer by the day):

Black pickup up – needed new engine
White van – new starter
Red pickup – got tuneup before trip, died on trip
Tan auto – engine troubles after changing spark plugs; needed new computer and other parts; now tire problem
Silver auto – leak in radiator (fixed, for now) then tire blow out just this morning

And that’s five vehicles from just two families, all recent.

As previously noted, there was car trouble that lead to the Squidgate bridge event coinciding with the Open Government Directive day (two rental cars leading to the third and a two-day delay), there was car trouble in November 1989 at the NJSF resulting in my loss of the car, and there were tire issues for two rental cars which lead me to rent a third on my trip towards Toronto (stopping off in Kentucky and Michigan on the way) earlier this year. And someone let some of the air out of the tire while it was parked in Tennessee. I must have come back out before they were finished and refilled it.

It’s a favorite harassment technique because, much like making beloved pets ill, it’s expensive to deal with. It also of course can cause problems at work due to being late or not being able to arrive at all without transportation.

It is remarkable that it goes on and on like this. Gotta be because the GOP in Congress let it go on, even encourage it because, like their leader, they want to see America fail.

That party is in for the bitchslap of the century, mark my words.


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