HPM Weapons Out, Frickin’ Lasers In, and Dr. Lin

Nature – “Microwave Weapons: Wasted Energy”

Note that this is referring to crowd control and electronic disablement stuff and not those other covert ops applications. I just love some of the code names.

But the Navy says lasers are within two years of deployment, “well past physics.”

Wired Danger Room – “Navy’s Top Geek Says Laser Arsenal is Just Two Years Away”

Also, I added a link at right to the state of research in microwaves on mammals in 1978, a PDF of Dr. Charles C. Lin’s book which includes some of the intended and possible applications at the time. I note that there is increased activity (that apparently can even overcome some curare-like drugs – that’s sleep deprivation and the possibility of making someone so active that they work themselves to death), mucking with heart rate (obvious, isn’t it?), and of course the main point of the book, projecting sound into the head without the need for a receiver. I only got through the thing a few days ago myself. Note that there are a few pages missing towards the front. Lin includes some of the history, such as Frey’s discovery in 1961 and subsequent research. A lot of it is describing methods and data and what they did to a lot of cats (rats, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits) to get there.

I believe that this served as the foundation of whatever it is I’ve witnessed so many times that it’s as real as gravity is to me now. Some method of projecting voices into people’s heads, effectively taking over, hijacking if you will, their conscious thought processes.

If I had only seen that in strangers, and not in people I’ve known for decades, I might be more inclined to think I’d merely been psyoped, that it was a ploy to make me jump to the wrong conclusion. But I have seen it in people I’ve known that long, have seen what it can do, and it can and is affect the outcomes of anything from elections to court cases. People who think they are making perfectly rational decisions are doing so based on someone else’s logic (which, granted, many or most of us do anyway, but at least we know we’re doing that and not debating it with only the data points someone else wants us to consider). It can even make the simplest interactions with law enforcement go awry.

That was how they “talked” me into self-immolation in August of 2011. I was hit with a barrage of arguments for it and, as I said, it took ten days to get them out of my head, to refute them, to argue them down enough so the idea wasn’t still sitting there in the forefront asking to be planned out. And I knew exactly what was happening.

Imagine what happens when someone doesn’t know, and either is already mentally ill or has been drugged to the point of illogic, as I was back in late ’09 for quite some time after. They could have the voice of God (Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez) or their dear old dead Aunt telling (Dan Markingson) them what “needs” to be done and accepting that as fact.

That’s just the way it is. That it might not fit with your world view doesn’t make it any less true. Time to look into it.


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