Spook Gold Rush

WSJ – Retired FBI agent arraigned in Afghan scheme

Prosecutors say Robert G. Lustyik Jr. was a counterintelligence officer based in White Plains, N.Y., who agreed to “blow the doors off” a federal investigation for a share in the business of Boston-based American International Security Corp., a defense and security firm. The case got its start in Utah as a money-laundering probe after a company associate was questioned about taking large amounts of cash out of a St. George credit union.

Alas, ‘Balding’ is not Lustyik.

Also an Army colonel involved, and others. A pity that they have to be this f***ing stupid to get caught:

“I’ve made us all stinking rich!!!” Lustyik wrote the friend, according to an email intercepted by the government. “For 30 years I’ve sacrificed to get to this point.”

No question this is also going on in CIA and NSA, probably the rest of the dysfunctional intel family and the Pentagon as a whole. It’s not a few bad apples either, it’s the rule. Who gives a s*** who they hurt as long as they get their retirement fundage, right?

Note this part:

charges of trying to derail an investigation into a defense contract scandal in exchange for promises of riches that apparently never materialized.

That was the mistake, not making the money flow. If he’d pulled that off, they’d be arresting whoever blew the whistle instead.

It’s easy to see why it’s gotten so corrupt, too. Congress allows whatever fills their coffers, so the spooks become disillusioned and figure, “Why not me, too?” The problem, of course, when you get caught and you don’t have the right friends to protect you, Congress offers you up as a sacrifice to their own culpability; they write a phony narrative with them as the concerned shepherds of taxes and the law who just didn’t know what was happening…couldn’t possibly have known…

Because they don’t ask and don’t want to know. Just keep the green coming.

Meanwhile, you get Frankenstorms and mass chaos due to aged infrastructure and a fanatical dedication to the old ways of providing energy. How to make a buck is far and away ahead of how to preserve our home.

And one way to make a buck is to target US citizens and just make s*** up about them so as to have an excuse. The more they provoke you, the harsher they make your life, the greater the chances they will be able to say, “See! We told you they needed to be watched” when it was their harassment, attacks, etc. that lead to all of it to begin with. You cannot attack people and expect them to be reasonable. It’s the modern day version of witch trials. Drown and you’re innocent.

Switching the subject again, way out there, it is obvious that there are opposing parties involved in my situation. For example, who showed me how the Conway fire was started, that lasers could be made at home? Who arranged that “chance” meeting?

What they missed, not having seen how things are from my perspective, is how involving someone innocent in this mess doesn’t matter one whit. They don’t care. This whole story could be proven, splashed across every paper, on every TV, and it still wouldn’t matter.

People have stopped giving a s*** about people they don’t know. It’s that simple. And it’s the problem. Whoever thought this s*** up, you were about two decades too late. Wasted energy, wasted time, but of course it’s yours truly who pays for it. F*** you.


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