A Political Tale

(Or is that “Apolitical”?)

It was Summer of 2010 in Minneapolis. The midterm election was looming. I worked for OFA at various DFL events. One such event was Gay Pride weekend.

Of course, there was something of a downer mere days before. I had, it seems, been bitten on the lower left eyelid by an insect. The eyelid turned purple and then the skin began to necrotize. I had no idea if it was permanent disfigurement and assumed it probably was. As I said (this is documented elsewhere on this blog), I took the sunglasses off to gauge the reaction of a barrista a day or two after it happened to see if I was exaggerating it’s visibility. The resulting gasp indicated I was not.

At the event, wearing sunglasses the whole time, I ran into some people forming a political action committee. This one was named RATPAC and was aimed at undermining the vote for Michelle Bachman by peeling off some tax-conscious libertarians (like most Republicans, she actually isn’t one; they love to spend, but only when the spending or not spending causes someone harm, preferably death).

I was intrigued, and so went to a meeting after my shift at the tent getting signatures for ending DADT. I also met a former Daily Show producer, Liz Winstead, there who was from the area. She wasn’t there for the meeting, but talked to us when she overheard the conversation.

And so, faced with homelessness, no paying work, continued psychological harassment, and not a single one of my leads taking me anywhere near having paying work, i suddenly got angry one day. I got very, very angry.

So i called Bachmann’s offices and told them about the PAC. Never heard back.

A few minutes after the phone call I was laughing hysterically, imagining the reaction.

It should be noted that that race raised more money that election than any congressional race in history, more than many senatorial races do even now. I think Bachmann raised around $12 million herself. The RATPAC had about $4,000, as I recall.

The point, I think, was that Bachmann’s seat was actually safe. Those contributions to “save” her actually pulled money away from other districts where the outcome might have been shakier. At least I think that was the point.

The larger point, of course, is how easy it was to manipulate me into doing that, and how the supposed party that cares about people, does not. They took advantage of what they or some other party did. Capitalized on my misery. It is–except for the realization that this is so–one of my biggest regrets having volunteered for those bloodsuckers.

But none of that matters. People don’t matter. I’ve been so isolated from the people who knew me before and driven half-mad, so who gives a flying f*** what happened to me? It’s more important that political strategists get their share of campaign contributions and that the Democrats continue to pretend to care about all of those things that the Republicans won’t “let” them fix. More important for the party leadership to let people like me know that they can and will resort to slavery because they damn well can. I wonder if the GOP treats O’Keefe that way?

I was going to wait until after Tuesday, but didn’t. Wonder why that is.

Anyway, it’s obvious, isn’t it? They beat you mercilessly psychologically, emotionally, isolate you completely from your former life, make you so crazy that you are angry enough to take it out on someone else. The crazy part is so that those people you used to know won’t believe it, nor will anyone else, such as journalists. This is undoubtedly how CIA field agents are treated as well. Fall into enemy hands and they are already so nuts that they are useless for most purposes.

And that is part of the “cold war” Romney was talking about. This is how the United States of America conducts its business, that shining beacon of democracy that that Torontonian attorney was mentioning as part of his reason for not taking my case.

This is my “choice”. Join the likes of Jon Vogel and Chris Van Vollen or continue to be subject to CIA/DOD bulls*** designed to get some assholes more contract money.

In any case, you know the truth now even if you don’t yet believe it. While I would under normal circumstances be as disturbed by the thought of outsourcing, “let them die”, double the size of Gitmo, Romney, I don’t see much of a difference when the other guys conduct themselves this way and don’t actually do what needs to be done to fix anything: clean up DC. They don’t want to because it would hurt their pocketbooks too.

Meanwhile, those people who are supposed to be the ones these people are fighting for pay the price. I of course support gay marriage but question it as a priority in a country gone security mad, engaged in endless war, spying and attacking (and likely murdering) its own citizens, engaging in kidnapping and torture, and ignoring the single largest looming potential extinction event in the history of mankind. Change has been taken out of the vocabulary because the powerful don’t want it, just more of the same because it’s not their kids paying the price. Privilege will always be able to avoid the worst of that, at least to a point.

So enjoy. “Life isn’t always fair,” they tell me. Except it wasn’t life that did this to me, it was assholes like them.


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