And Furthermore

All you are doing is playing pretend friendly until whoever’s back is turned so you can stick the knife in again like the lying, spoiled, psychopathic second grader you behave like. You have tortured me for almost three solid years. You expect “It’s never too late to start over” to make that all go away?

I know you now like the back of my hand. Not taking that (quasi-imaginary anyway) job offer is because I know you will either never let it happen or will wait again until “daddy’s” back is turned to take it all away again. Yes, I’ve been tortured but that is not merely learned helplessness talking. That’s knowing you so well I can spot most of your plots in my sleep. You know that’s what you would do.

It’s all a waiting game. Distract me long enough so that you can concoct another lie that explains it all away, long enough so that whoever’s attention will go elsewhere, long enough to turn me full sociopath like you, long enough so maybe I’ll just up and die of something.

And blame anyone but yourself. Like “Ocean’s Eleven.” That’s gotta be my favorite. Take each individual’s known qualities and make up a so-crazy-it-must-be-true story. I know, it was you “prompted” me to write The Wisp in the first place. Perhaps didn’t count on me making you the good guys, but then those toys aren’t yet quite perfect, are they? Get me to help you to terrorize Clooney a bit more, too, beyond what you already did. F***ing brilliant! And play it off, “They’re all actors and as liberals, have motive to fake it.” Right. You’re all liars and have a bigger motive: intimidating Hollywood (and Congress, and the public, and the media…) into supporting a perpetual state of war, justify your ability to skirt the law at any turn to nullify anyone who notices or complains, even vaguely, just so you can fill your retirement funds.

And the donating to Wikileaks in, when was it? February ’10? Long before I or anyone apart from those involved had ever heard of Assange and Manning. Just make me so desperate to stop the harassment, the torture, that I’d try just about anything to stop it. Use any one of your subcontractors to direct my web search so that I found their website (or was that the second time you did that? Anything after ’89 is suspect, isn’t it?) and then push the “ding” button on your V2K or whatever it is, and you’ve sprung your trap! Who would ever believe I had nothing to do with the leaks or Assange or Manning after the timing of that? After the alleged leak, before it was made public.

Oh, and that hilarious bit with the blogger harassing Watts and using the same or similar name as the French photographer. Another smear for the RUMINT mill thanks to a Google search.

And contributing to VIPS, of course. Implicate them too with guilt by association. Take care of as many of your problems all at once by creating the false narrative that they are all in cahoots…a conspiracy. Leave a false trail of bread crumbs for anyone who bothers to look into it. And make me practically poison so there’d be no help from any quarters at all…get me isolated based on the lies you wove.

I think that is the “brainhacking” smoking gun right there, the donation to Wikileaks. There is no other explanation that fits the facts. If there were, I’d have been charged with espionage by now as a co-conspirator. If that’s still your narrative, prove it! You can’t because it was you! You did it, I was just your unwitting pawn, your patsy trying to make the torture stop. There was no connection between me and them prior to that. If that’s not the case, then publicly admit your “mistake” and make amends or have me charged!

Of course my only defense (apart from the utter lack of evidence beyond that donation) is to prove your classified tech exists. I can’t, you know it. And if anyone pushed for it, say through an open government directive, you’d just make them sorry they ever even thought of doing so.

That’s another thing I don’t get. It’ll be far too late by the time the pubic realizes what you can do with your toys. So why bother trying to continue to silence me? It’s safe. You’ll get your WWIII. You’ll get your Civil War 2. You’ll get your holocausts. Not a single respectable media outlet will touch the tech or your extremist plans for fear of being labeled a conspiracy theory rag (which is hilarious because you are the queen of conspiracy theories, aren’t you? Aliens…illuminati…whatever…you use those daily to deflect blame from yourself, to hide your brain hacking toys).

Nope. It’s safe. Doesn’t really make sense except that you must still be hoping for that crack to open up, for the gay terrorist you’ve been trying over and over to “do his thing.” You are looking at it, geniuses. You are reading the fruits of your labor. So enjoy it.

And keep hoping. Guess you didn’t get the memo: hope is dead. You killed it.

Oh, and regardless of how the most recent efforts of the Bond franchise try to paint Assange (no matter how gay, depraved, insane, or jokerlike, and to pretend he released the names of operatives) it’s Assange who is the orphan in real life and Bond in the fantasy. I mean, you leave me no choice now but to support Assange and Manning (since you also made sure I know the latter was framed anyway) given the enemy of my enemy thing, given your continued attacks, continued harassment, continued torture and that at least they oppose you and your goddam murderous ways.

You just keep pushing for violence through isolation and psy ops. And of course that tale serves as propaganda for your own employees, to continue the lie that the People having hold of the truth is a bad thing because it, much like the trust put in you, can be used for bad purposes. No, you must also control the Internet to “protect” us all.

Never mind you allowed 9/11 to happen…hell, likely nurtured it from conception to execution while you were playing around in, again, the 80s. No, never mind that, it’s the operatives fighting your boogeyman, fighting the monsters that you created that we should all be concerned with and not your profiting off of your false flag attack that puts such people in harm’s way to begin with!

In your delusional fantasy world, that is.

Keep pushing. Keep waiting. F*** you.

I tried reasoning with you. It’s impossible. You lie for a living and that and spreading pain and suffering are all that you are “good” at. You are, as I said elsewhere, evil incarnate. Or, for the less metaphysically-minded, sociopaths without the ability to see beyond your own greedy, selfish desires which you post-justify in any way conceivable. The only pain you understand is your own. You pretend helplessness yourself when it comes to finding alternative solutions to problems, many of which you either helped create or caused outright. You are supposed to be the brain trust, the best and the brightest. I guess they haven’t noticed the label on the jar says “Abnormal.”

I’ve heard your excuses. They are lame, tired, and contain logical fallacies.

For one, why involve me in the first place if you had legitimate justifications for doing what you are doing? All you had to do was make your legitimate case and, if it were legitimate, I’d have no choice but to agree.

No. That’s not it.

There are several answers as to why involve me, but I’m going to limit myself to those that only show you in your true light, expose your true nature.

First, of course, to eliminate or otherwise nullify a witness to illegal programs that were supposedly ended years before. Though my experience was in 1989 and 1990, I know now that you targeted Canadian Eleanor White in 1980. Was there any kind of paradigm shift in 1980 that anyone can think of? Did anyone related to the Company perhaps get elected to some office or other?

The point was always to go after the American people. Your thinking in that is in your guerilla warfare manual. I know, you just hate the People being able to see your game plan, prying into “your” business. I mean, who the hell do taxpayers think they are, expecting you to be accountable to them? Can’t they see it’s the other way around? You get to do whatever you want with them.

Yes, we are the real targets, have been for a long time. Create an atmosphere where the spooks and makers of tanks could continue to cash in and the people who pay them would thank them for it having been sufficiently fooled into thinking it’s in their own best interests when it clearly is not. “Thank you for protecting us” is really “Thank you for 9/11.”

And you convinced some folks I was a former spook to cover it up. Brilliant! How better to spirit away a test subject and a witness to what you did to other unwilling test subjects than to say that? How better to ruin a life and try to drive someone to violence than to pretend you are “disciplining” one of your own? How better to keep everyone else’s noses out of it? “It’s an internal matter,” you would say.

Bulls*** it is. As is typical, the cover up is worse than the original crime. Blame “Ocean’s Eleven” again. Maybe, you think, you can make a star killer out of me yet.

Keep thinking. Don’t know exactly how you pulled the finger ploy off, but it was clever, I grant you.

Second, your other excuse that there are simply too many people for too few resources. The part you leave out, of course, is that an alternate solution might involve your precious 1% and their corporate counterparts actually having to pay their fair share of taxes to fix what they broke, to give a little back to the well that they regularly bleed dry, to make up some for the suffering they have caused and continue to cause without really providing those jobs, a healthy economy, and funding for constructive alternatives that some people seem to think eventually will any day now. They continue to profit off of all of that chaos and have their fingers right up your bum where it makes you feel all warm and tingly.

And again, you fail to come up with alternatives because they don’t make you money. You falsify the costs and negatives so that politicians have no choice but to agree with what the big banks, big energy, defense industry and the silver spooners already want: to continue making money from blowing things up and shooting people while reducing the demand by shrinking the customer base!

You chose me specifically so that you could create the false narrative that all, most, or many gays are terrorists just as you have created the false narrative that all, most, or many (depending on the relative ignorance of the individual being fooled) Muslims are. See every single thing you’ve done that I’ve documented here. It all points in that direction… to whatever it is you think you can push me to.

Your own little terror farm. 🙂

(Oh, and hilarious trying to say it was DHS laying a trap the day after you pulled that stunt in October–you know the one–the one that I reported. Realized too late, didn’t you, where that was going? I confess that I didn’t expect you to try that false flag excuse the day after because by now it must be obvious I don’t believe a goddam word you say unless I can confirm it and it fits with your psychological profile, with which I am now intimately familiar. Besides, DHS gets their information largely from you and pants-on-fire-liar NSA anyway.)

Yes, when the problem is mostly about over-population let’s go after the one group you know that as a whole will not be reproducing at anywhere the same rate of, let’s say, Mormons, or Catholics.

Doesn’t add up. And when I see people pretending to “fix” the problems are more concerned with the bottom line than with actually doing anything constructive (hi, Erik), and those who are simply making money off of killing and stealing while condoning rape, drugging, and torture, (hi, JSOC) I know that you are all full of s***.

No, this has been the game all along. All of these decades, those apparent “mistakes” that always seem to make the Middle East upset with the US… Supporting torturing monsters…put the Saudis in the position to have to teach their people about the “Great Satsn” to avoid being overthrown themselves, they weren’t mistakes at all. You were always trying to stir up trouble because you knew the Cold War coming to a close and you needed a new “boogeyman.” Thank God for Muslims, eh? Gays, atheists, other minority groups, are the next logical groups to target that way in order to tap the domestic market here at home and make it all seem like “God’s will.” Whether you believe the religious part or not, are a mercenary or a radical, that makes you a terrorist.

Keep causing economic injustice and see to it that it goes unpunished in any significant way in order to “force” people into seeking the only visible means of recourse: revolution, and you can then turn around and justify using your behavioral modification means and methods (the same ones you employed to cause those same injustices and reactions in the first place) and use them to “quell”, pacify, control the masses (and, hey, if you can use it to get more of their money to your corporate sponsorship at the same time…well, maybe one day Taco Bell or the like will be the only restaurant, if they manage to be the highest bidder for making us crave the fast food of your choice).

McVeigh was yours, I see that now. All part of the Boogeyman Effect. Hey, it has a name now!

And then you use subtlety to harass me in such a way that, whoever you know is or think might be watching right about now, will miss it. You condition me over those many, many months to respond a certain way to things that seems strange to anyone who is unaware of that conditioning. When it happens, such a casual observer thinks that I’m simply another disturbed individual, not stopping to wonder how those reactions might have come about to be in the first place. It just seems too fantastical! Brilliant tactic!

But then you deal in the fantastical. It’s your whole bailiwick. It’s your schtick.

But it’s an old one and a bit too close to the Manchurian candidate stuff, even though we aren’t there at all, even though your fallback lie is that we were there twenty years ago. If we were, then it should have been easy to trigger by now. It’s just another lie, ironically you are trying to prove by making it happen after the fact. Use your “let’s observe our subject” time as “let’s make it actually happen” time. Pretend I’m your monster on the loose, sure, but make sure to emphasize the monster part when talking to anyone in authority so they are more concerned with what you say I might do rather than what you are doing. That way, you leave them no choice but to continue to allow you your harassment and torture.

As I said, brilliant, and all I can really do is point out how you do it. You’ve got the limitless resources to throw at it because it’s just so darn nice being able to swing things the way you or your potential future private employers or providers of financial incentives want. There’s no downside to spending, it’s an investment on the taxpayers’ dime!

And I have not a goddam thing but the truth on my side. You may be right about that part. People don’t give a s*** about the truth, just what’s convenient, what makes them feel good or comfortable. The more uncomfortable, the more inconvenient you make the truth, the less likely it is that anyone else will want it exposed or even believe it because it doesn’t fit the phony 24 fantasy world you’ve created for them.

And so we all circle the drain because of your selfishness and brilliance. What a s***ty combination.

Yep, pretend that I’m the crazy one when your own documents show your intense, longterm interest in being able to make it appear that way with anyone you can slip a drug to or get close enough to “zap” or whatever with your classified toys.

(Just as you’ve done to many, many others. Some already with mental illness, some you drove or drugged to it.)

I applaud your genius in that. I’ve never said you weren’t good at causing pain. Just like you invaded my privacy (yet again) and used anything and everything I told Nagurski against me since and therefore ensuring I would be hesitant to see anyone another analyst here. If I do, you’ll do the same again and make my life even more hellish by using more of what I’m thinking against me. If I don’t, I might finally “boil over” from not having someone to discuss the harassment and torture with! And, of course, you’ve also ruined me financially so healthcare won’t be something I can afford until I have no choice next year.

Bravo! You are excellent at being scummy!

Did any of this help anyone beyond financial gain of a few and sadistic pleasure of many more? Sure, it provided some jobs, but so does something actually constructive or helpful like road and other infrastructure repair. You are a tax waste.

And of course it didn’t help anything, that’s not what you do (unless it’s helping people who live in the desert in squalor learn to fly planes into buildings so you can make a buck off of it).

Oh, and let’s not forget how you impersonated the FBI on at least one, probably more occasions, to try to drive a wedge there. To make me look like the criminal you made up. Yeah, I’ve looked into that and am satisfied it was not them. I’m sure they appreciate it, though.

And now DHS as well. Interesting idea but I don’t see how it helps your situation any.

So… kill off..what? 10%? 50%? 80% of the world population so as not to inconvenience people you actually take your marching orders from, so they can go back to the “good ol’ days”, to live in the manner they have become accustomed with the rest of us (who actually survive) as footstools, cannon fodder, and members of their harems (and those will be the “lucky ones”).

Go ahead. I can’t stop you and never could. That’s why you should have just left me and everyone else I know the f*** alone.

But don’t expect my help. That’s not going to happen. I’ll repeat all of that:

This is to the end.


I’d rather be dead than be anyone’s slave.

And here’s a bonus: covert ops is the single stupidest occupation ever devised by man. There was a time, I suppose, when it had it’s place. But the world has changed. Now, it changes so fast that by the time an op is planned or perhaps even conceived it’s often too late or the goal obsolete. I have tried devising a piece of short fiction to capture that but am afraid thus far what I have in mind fails to quite capture the total absurdity of it all. This will have to do for today.

Yes, even less useful than mimes. At least small children are entertained by that and they don’t actually shoot or stab anyone with their fingers.

I think the day may be coming when the same could be said of intel gathering as well, but am still a believer in getting the facts. The current problem there, of course, is that it’s not really about that. It’s rampant cherry-picking, false info ill-gotten through torture and drugging, and just making s*** up, profiting off of RUMINT. And you know it because you make a buck off of all of that. Just ask Plame, Kiriakou, Drake, Binney, etc. (Yes, I know, NSA is doing it, too. And, “Waaaah! It’s not fair!”, to stop cashing in on the cow when they get away with it).

Simply put, you suck and not at all in a good way. You’re a selfish, bloated baby.

And, yes, you did make sure that the fire department got Kate and Michael Conway out of the building. But can’t you see how burning it down in the first place was wrong? Can’t you see that using the rescue as an excuse for arson is the logic of a psychopath, that just because you helped “save” them does not excuse putting them in harm’s way? Can’t you see you are sick, Cynthia, and require psychological help to get you out of your neurotic break with reality? I’m sure there’s a pill for that. And anyway, you only did that so there would be a lower likelihood of any law enforcement involvement. No actual deaths in the fire meant pissing me off without having much in the way of effective legal recourse. I’m guessing it was even you who showed me how it was done. Not to help any investigation of course, but just so I alone would know what you did and it, along with your further harassment and torture might give you the result you wanted: gay terrorist!

Just like a serial killer would do. Play people off one against the other, even organizations against each other, and sit back and laugh all the way to the bank. Looking pretty, lying effectively, it’s what you do: pretend to be something you aren’t.

So stop pretending. We know what you are. We know what you really want. You aren’t going to get it.

And I know I can’t stop you. You can’t even stop yourself, can’t help yourself. You’re sick, Cynthia. Please. For all our sakes. Turn yourself in and get help before it’s too late. Confess your sins, sister, it’s good for the soul! Assuming you even have one.


Cut the BS

I’ll know you are interested in a truce when the people who, among other things, burned down the Conway’s condo are in prison. And I mean those who ordered, planned, and directed whoever to do it as well as the actual, on-the-ground perpetrator(s).

Until then, I remind you that I gave you many, many chances to end this amicably and they were not only refused but you spat in my face every single time. Now it’s to the end.

Besides, I don’t negotiate with terrorists or nazi pigs and you are clearly run by both.

(PS Petraeus’ leaving has more to do with an incident at an embassy recently than anything else. You don’t embarrass the POTUS just before an election without a cosmetic, symbolic-but-ultimately-empty symbol of having done so as the result).