In Closing

There comes a point where the evidence just becomes overwhelming and you have to accept that some things must be. Once you have eliminated the probable plus the truth will set you free…well it adds up.

That said, let me be clear. I still have an “arsenal” of things I could do here on this blog and elsewhere. This is a message designed to attempt to get through the very thick skulls of the terminally jarheaded. Don’t test me on it again.

Simply put: this may be the last post. I will not be taking this blog down, however, until I am satisfied that we have a ceasefire and that, so far as is advisable and possible, this downward spiral that “fate” seems to have in mind is at an end. Maybe then, not before.

I don’t really have much else to add apart from these two things.

First, scarcity plus increasing demand is happening faster than solutions to those problems that don’t look like the old solutions to those problems. That’s our science community, investors, and elected officials who need to see to that. I don’t have the answer, never did.

Second, merely some fundamental mathematics coupled with a little pattern matching. Make of it what you will.

December ’09

+ 13 Months =

January ’11

+ 13 Months =

February ’12

+ 13 Months =

March ’13

Be safe, kitty cat.

McCoyote over and out. For now.


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