There Can Be Only One

Or, Only 31 More Investigation Days until the third anniversary of the unsolved arson of December 23, 2009.

There is only one Lord of the Ring. Only one who can bend it to his will. And he does not share power.

It’s a safe bet that there’s eventually going to be the end part, you know like the end of a game of Monopoly, where one of these 0.001% elite who steer the world into chaos is going to make a play for what the others have.

I mean, imagine we get (or already have gotten) to the point where memories and opinions can be remotely downloaded, edited, and uploaded. This is already happening with rats as mentioned in the news (and linked to from this blog) months ago.

Imagine these guys, having the entire world looking pretty much like the US is now, significant portions of the population believing whatever it is they think works in their own best interests. Well, they’ll be bored. And however it is they divvy things up, well it still won’t be enough to fill that hole where a heart is supposed to be. They’ll turn on each other.

I suppose that’ll be something to be thankful for.