No Amendments Are Safe

Note that though I’ve mentioned or touched on some of the subjects below before, sometimes I wasn’t as sure as I am now. Think of it as moving from hypothesis to theory, armed with more of the facts. It’s still largely circumstantial, but so much circumstantial evidence there is, that it must be fairly close to the truth.

Recently I had the opportunity to go to a party at an AMVETS. The general purpose of arranging my presence, of course, was to show how “insurmountable” the military industrial complex has become, how growing sentiment borne of propaganda has likely doomed healthcare reform, how there’s an “army” of angry, racist, veterans just waiting for the opportunity to put the beat-down on whoever or whatever some social dominator/exploiter types point the finger at.

What I got out of it, of course, was the opposite.

For example, there’s a poster on the wall that has a list of things to thank veterans for. “It’s not politicians that give you the right to vote, it’s veterans.” “It’s not poets who give you free speech, it’s veterans.” Etc.

What’s ironic about the poster is every single one of those things, while to some degree true, have also been taken away or are in danger of being taken away, by Pentagon brass and their partners in other areas of government and the private sector. Really. Every single one of them.

Voice-to-skull subliminal messages can sway votes. It can alter the outcome of court cases. It can prevent the truth from coming out in the news. It can cause untraceable, unsolvable murder. It can start wars and acts of terror.

And it can explain something I wrote in the previous post that warrants some explaining.

The CIA internal security (likely working with FBI counterintelligence division) being at least partly responsible for what has happened, is happening, to me and other people I’ve come into contact with.

Let’s back up a bit. When the Cold War excesses of the intelligence community with regards to the rights of Americans came to light, the initial reaction was coverup. For example, Helms ordered all documentation regarding MKULTRA and related projects destroyed. We don’t and probably never will know the full story about that. Then came Schlesinger who ordered what became the Family Jewels, forcing him to move to Secretary of Defense due to death threats from within CIA. Then came Colby, who testified in order to save CIA. This is the part I’m referring to. He stated that CIA’s charter gave the director the responsibility–but not the authority–to protect CIA’s methods and sources. Congress was understandably nervous that another, future director might interpret that differently (which was at least partly code for the fact that one or more previous ones already had).

In essence, CIA was not intended to be a secret police, not intended to operate on American soil.

Colby elaborated that it would be the director’s job to see to it that FBI (whose job it always has been to be the secret police operating on American soil–among other things) would take care of it for them. Sometimes that worked, other times infighting between the two prevented cooperation.

Reagan-Bush reactivated behavioral modification programs in 1980. Voice-to-skull is modified from the 1973-4 tests. It improves, and the subliminal use is added, perfected, whatever.

1988 rolls around. I visit Germany for a school trip and have a few weird experiences. The most significant one is when I, on a “whim”, perhaps distract East Berlin border guards while alone in one of the halls passing back to West Berlin. I after passing through find the whole thing hysterically funny and assume it was just me being a jokester. Now, rather, I consider it to have been a test.

1989 I wind up at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, which, as I’ve said before, was partially funded by the Ford Foundation, which in turn has been known to front money for the CIA for other purposes. One CIA director, Richard M. Bissell (the one responsible for the Bay of Pigs invasion fiasco) was even a Ford Foundation officer before taking the directorship.

Of all of the experiences there, the one that probably pushed me over the edge to the point of converting from atheism or whatever to Christianity was the bizarre “voodoo” experience. After a disagreement with Mr. Smith, I “felt” a gun to my head and kind of heard/felt it go off. This was more like a forced daydream. It is the first time I can recall feeling as though my thoughts were not my own, though I did not think of it that way at the time, the focus being on “can there really be something to voodoo?” as opposed to “is there a way to hypnotize people remotely and put subliminal suggestions into their heads?”.

And so I moved from the NJSF to New York City. Without dragging this part out too much, here’s a partial list of clients and other companies for which my job or relationships gave me access to their facilities at one time or other. Partial list, from memory. There are many more.

Philip Morris (before the board largely had to resign over lying to Congress about tobacco research; I did actually get to see them all in a room while running A/V for an upcoming shareholder meeting)

French banks CIC, CDC and Societe Generale.

Brazilian banks Banco Do Brasil and another whose name escapes me for the moment.

The People’s Bank of China (a request to inspect their space by building management was met with suspicion by its employees; my coworker and I were ushered out of their space; this was days before being locked out of the building altogether).

The Canadian Consulate. The Romanian Cultural Center.

Deutsche Bank. Chase/J.P. Morgan-Chase.

Anderson Kill (Olick and Oshinski {sp?}). DLA Piper/Piper Marbury.

Max Capital (a partner of which went to prison for double using collateral for loans or similar–I knew nothing of it at the time and his arrest came long after I was no longer being loaned out to them)

Gallup, Morgan Stanley, Google, a Rothschild division, and many more.

There were also some Hollywood types I won’t name beyond the one I already did: Scot Free Productions (Ridley and the late Tony Scott’s production company). These all came just before all hell broke loose in 2009.

So I am of the opinion that I was an unwitting, unpaid CIA dupe. This is how they place people for whatever purposes.

The interesting thing is I don’t think I was spying on any of those entities. Really. I wrote this short story explaining the general concept, but don’t know if it’s clear. We (I say we because there was another NJSF intern who wound up working as a caterer at the Kuwaiti embassy during Gulf War I) were largely there as a distraction, a fallguy in case anything went wrong. While we obviously could do other things like run interference (see again the East Berlin bit above), we were there to help cover either the real operatives or some kind of listening tech that they wanted to keep secret.

So, what I did not I guess realize when Squidgate happened is that it was my “cover” that had been blown. Didn’t know I had cover.

Getting it yet? Unpaid. Slave. Hilarious violation of the Fourteenth Amendment by the CIA and DoD.

They would argue, of course, that I was paid by the jobs that they arranged for me to have.

And another slippery slope is trod upon. This means that they “owned” my life. My friendships and relationships. All of it. Cover. They gave it to me, so they could take it away as well.

Which means they have taken the legal position that I am their employee, or more hilariously, their property.

And so I hope the point about the director needing to protect methods is clear.

This explains the “burn notice” events in Minneapolis. It explains pretty much everything, actually. Why the goddamn fire of three years ago, despite modern technology and the fact that the arsonist’s identity is undoubtedly already known to FBI and others, remains unsolved.

Imagine being the first black president and finding out that the government you just took over engages in slavery. Would you end it? Or tiptoe quietly around it, hoping they just “plug” the “leak” so revelations fall on some other poor bastard’s watch?

Employee but not employee. Operative but not operative. Conscious of it but not conscious of it.


And so it will undoubtedly remain. Some future date, decades from now, there will be a case and it will be found to be in breach of the Fourteenth Amendment. But until that day, these people will be dragging their feet, lying, and murdering to delay it as long as possible.

This is of course also why one party really wanted me to meet Watts (an expert on brainhacking though he’d probably consider some other writer like Charles Stross more knowledgable) and another party did not. Why they tried to convince me that the dude who showed up buying kitty litter one day was connected to Watts, so they could pull that rug out from under me and try to invoke a reaction that would, no matter which way it happened, prevent me figuring it out and talking about it.

Speaking of which, as odd as it might seem, there is part of me that would rather none of this had come to light. After all, used responsibly, this is quite an effective tool that could also prevent war, acts of terror, etc. Talking someone down subliminally seems preferable to blowing them up in many, many ways not the least of which is expense and the fact that it does not in turn inspire more bloodshed out of a desire for revenge.

But it’s being used for nefarious purposes and the people who have been using it either murdered five young gay men or really wanted me to think so. Either way, it becomes increasingly difficult to empathize with trying to keep absolute power in a box secret.

The past few days, having taken another shot at other avenues of putting this nonsense to an end, I haven’t had a whole lot of V2K. Still there a bit now and again, but backed way off. That’s only with direct assault, however, as obviously they are still mucking with my friends and acquaintances.

But I’ve been through this before. You send a letter, and it’s quiet for a few days for whatever reason and then they hit you again hard. That’s the game. That’s my life. That’s how it’s going to be from here on out. Taxpayer funded nightmares brought to me by people sworn to uphold a document that they consistently abuse.

Oh, only 25 more investigation days until the third anniversary of the unsolved arson of December 23, 2009.


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