Addenda to the Defilement of Amendments

Right. Forgot one incident to include.

At approximately 10:12 PM on January 8, 2010, I was walking the dogs. I had noticed, among the other new inhabitants of the neighborhood, a van. This van sat at the corner near Scahill’s place. Unsure what it meant at the time (and in fact still not entirely sure now) I took a photo of the decal on the van:


Make of it what you will. Had several paragraphs of ideas and assessments, but the app crashed and I don’t much feel like retyping them all at the moment.

Watts did some contract work for US Fish & Wildlife I read after the Squidgate trial but before the sentencing hearing. When I asked him at lunch after the latter, he said it was some statistical work. Don’t recall if I read or he told me it was related to water fowl.

Just after I took the photo, one of the dogs started growling at what appeared to be nothing in the general vicinity of Scahill’s, across the avenue. Out of the dark appeared finally a twenty-something male, dark hair, thin, dressed in black. He had clearly been hiding and pretended he was putting away garbage. That was just next door to Scahill’s.

Make of it what you will. It does get a little tiring trying to make sense of senselessness at the hands of little pricks handed too much power, no oversight, and a lack of ability to discern their heroic fantasy from their fascistic reality.


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