No, They Didn’t

Justice delayed is justice denied.
Some dude FBI murdered

From the Guardian here, Olson Family Sues CIA Over Murder of Frank Olson in 1953:

Jennifer Youngblood, a spokeswoman for the CIA, said the agency did not normally comment on pending court cases. However, she added: “Without commenting on this specific legal matter, CIA activities related to MK-Ultra [a behavioral engineering programme] have been thoroughly investigated over the years, and the agency co-operated with each of those investigations. MK-Ultra was investigated in 1975 by the Rockefeller commission and the Church committee, and in 1977 by the Senate select committee on intelligence and the Senate subcommittee on health and scientific research. In addition, tens of thousands of pages related to the programme have been declassified and released to the public.”

As is typical, mislead, lie, continue coverup.

First, thousands of other pages were destroyed by the order of director Helms. Does that sound like cooperation?

Second, the excuse here that Congress can somehow actually manage to oversee this, the FBI, the NSA, and the rest of these corrupt organizations is ludicrous. She is essentially saying, “It’s Congress’ fault we can’t help being such inhuman beasts and doing things like torturing other human beings. Why if mom and dad would just pay attention, we would behave.”

(This is the same excuse FBI gave me when I approached them about their paid informants coercing mentally and physically challenged and ill individuals into agreeing to perform acts of terror that the FBI trained, taught and provided material support for. “It’s all Congress’ fault because they allow us to do this.”)

Typical, pass-the-buck bulls***.

Third, the idea that CIA cooperated is complete nonsense. They managed to keep just about every one of the monsters involved out of the papers (their idea, not Congress’) as well as the companies involved. Also, see passing the buck and lying on what happened with the fish toxin they failed to destroy after receiving an Executive Order to do so.

They appeared to cooperate, like any good liar repeated “We’re cooperating” while actually stonewalling and “I’ll get back to you” delaying. Does the fact that Schlesinger had to move over to SECDEF due to death threats sound like cooperation?

Finally, they are ass-deep in far worse right now. They are completely in the bag for multinational corporations which appears to be where they get their real marching orders. Why isn’t that considered treason, that a foreign-based entity controls the intelligence community? Because the golden rule says that the one with the gold makes the rules.

The only thing CIA is good for is protecting CIA. They are using this same developed technology, methods and materials to attack US citizens. That, for all practical purposes I can see, makes them a foreign threat. How else can you view that? They also take a vow to protect the Constitution and then proceed to take a giant s*** on it daily.

Anyway, while I wish the Olson’s luck, there are two major problems. First, another limited hangout. The possibility of some admittance of guilt in order to keep the focus off of what they’ve been up to since 1980. The other, of course, voice-to-skull subliminals…remote hypnotic suggestion. They can get the case thrown out without the slightest trace being left behind that it was done.

That’s where we are. Read the damn definition of V2K again in the post two down if you must. It’s the US Army’s own definition. And they were involved in MKULTRA the first time around too.

(Additional note: alleged Anthrax killer Bruce Ivens worked at Fort Detrick too before beginning to act strangely, much like Olson. Then the neocons wanted to know why FBI refused to immediately blame Al Qaeda or Iraq for it.)


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