But Back to Frank Olson

Again, from the Guardian news piece:

In the lawsuit, filed in the US district court in Washington on Wednesday, Olson’s sons Eric and Nils claim their father was murdered after he witnessed extreme interrogations in which the CIA killed suspects using the biological agents he had developed.

Again, I remind of the trends here. Bruce Ivens. Fort Detrick. Anthrax.

Now, some others things more recent:

DoD Report Reveals Some Detainees Interrogated While Drugged, Others “Chemically Restrained”

I can’t lay my hand on it right now, but I think there was a NYT article quoting Doctors Without Borders as thinking it was happening at Abu Ghraib as well, perhaps in 2010.

And more:

Cries from the Past: Torture’s Ugly Echoes About physicians, psychiatrists, etc., drugs, DORMOUSE, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA etc.

A Guantanamo Connection? – Documents Show CIA Stockpiled Antimalrial Drugs as “Incapacitating Agents” and add in some MKDELTA and MKNAOMI.

So far we’re talking the “distant past” and those “nasty terrorists”, aren’t we? That’s the mindset.

But wait… It’s right in front of you.

HuffPo – Truman’s Syndrome

NEW YORK — One man showed up at a federal building, asking for release from the reality show he was sure was being made of his life. Another was convinced his every move was secretly being filmed for a TV contest. A third believed everything _ the news, his psychiatrists, the drugs they prescribed _ was part of a phony, stage-set world with him as the involuntary star, like the 1998 movie “The Truman Show.”

Researchers have begun documenting what they dub the “Truman syndrome,” a delusion afflicting people who are convinced that their lives are secretly playing out on a reality TV show. Scientists say the disorder underscores the influence pop culture can have on mental conditions.

The cause: whatever drug these people have been slipped by NKINTRA agents (most likely CIA and FBI counterintelligence agents like out of the old day such as George Hunter White and Pierre Lafitte–the odds-on favorites for having actually thrown Olson through the window in ’53–and their Hitler youth proteges like the little snot I spied outside Scahill’s on 1/8/10) it causes symptoms like lights seeming brighter, noises seeming louder, the hand and facial gestures of others to appear more dramatic. Combined with whatever effect it or some other substance has on the logic circuits and the preponderance of propaganda indicating that either of those institutions are anything but what they are: psychos and thugs, they are left thinking it must be TV.

I know. They used it on me. I told Watts, first thing, at the sentencing hearing that he looked well-rested. It was the light, not his face. Adair seemed like a character out of a movie. So did pretty much everyone else. It all had a “dreamlike” or phony quality to it.

Yep. They’ve been using it on US citizens just like during the Cold War.

And of course I reported this to the FBI, but given their inability after nearly three years to catch a simple (sock puppet) arsonist bearing a homemade laser aimed at a power strip through a window, I can pretty much know they will coverup, not do a damn thing approaching justice for the Americans who were the victims of this or these newer programs. They helped destroy the labor movement, so why not just stab the middle class in general until that’s dead too? That’s the goal of all of this, to redistribute wealth from the 99.999% to that sliver at the top… And to trick you into thinking it’s in your best interests. There’s one brainhacked every minute.

Only 23 More Investigation Days until the third anniversary of the unsolved arson of December 23, 2009.


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