Just when I thought the well had run dry…

September 26, 1983 – Stanislav Petrov:

Had Petrov reported incoming American missiles, his superiors might have launched an assault against the United States, precipitating a corresponding nuclear response from the United States. Petrov declared the system’s indications a false alarm. Later, it was apparent that he was right: no missiles were approaching and the computer detection system was malfunctioning. It was subsequently determined that the false alarms had been created by a rare alignment of sunlight on high-altitude clouds and the satellites’ Molniya orbits, an error later corrected by cross-referencing a geostationary satellite.[5]


Did you know that Reagan thought it was his destiny to be president during WWIII? This was documented and even acknowledged privately. Apparently, Nancy talked him out of it (or, as they put it on NPR back in the early 90s, she walked him down from the mountain).

Wonder where he got that idea? Voice-to-skull’s underlying Frey effect was discovered in the early 1960s. It was demonstrated in the early 1970s. This is the early 1980s I’m referring to. (I know, no warning on math).

Let’s recall also that when Nixon went to Moscow the first time for nuke reduction talks, his entire entourage got dosed with LSD. Whose calling card is that?

And who was VP under Reagan? What had he done in his past?

Now let’s look at what might have happened, shall we, if one icy Ivan had not kept his cool and reported what his “malfunctioning” machine was telling him.

First, the east and west coasts would have been hardest hit. You know, where the liberals live. (Sometimes it is amusing how you can find a fictional scene to depict the attitude. See faux Nixon in Watchmen, especially the extended version. Wrong person to match to real life, though Tricky Dick certainly was not a truster of the Harvard/Yale crowd).

The result would have been similar to what 9/11 has triggered. We would now be living in a permanent state of war, a police/surveillance state, permanently fixed on the almighty Right because, obviously God hated New York and California anyway, look at what he allowed the USSR to do.

Basically, it’s a variant on OPERATION NORTHWOODS, where faking a Cuban attack on a plane full of US college students was intended to swing public opinion to a first strike.

See here the sometimes accurate, sometimes baloney tale that was the backdrop of the early 80s from the bitch’s own mouth.

Really, it’s just a matter of wrapping your head around the way the corrupt who lack any compassion whatsoever think. Think of it as detective work via psychological profile. Discover the real goals and aspirations, separate them from the bulls*** coming out of their mouths, and you can see it plain as day.

This is how dangerous is can be to rely on the mainstream media’s regurgitation of P.R. Could have cost us a lot more.

Perhaps more importantly, you can see how anything post-1980 or so is suspect. Our current accounting of history may not be at all what we think it is. I know, historians, like physicists, throw out new ideas about what happened when all the time when new discoveries come to light. But V2K changes it more fundamentally.

Really, that institution has to go. It’s infested, haunted, possessed, rotten, cancerous. Pick your metaphor.


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