And One More Thing

I wondered where this came from. Note, it was up on November 4, written soon before if not that very day. The Guardian article about the Olson lawsuit was the 28th.

I take it this is more sarcastic compliance with the Open Government Directive (dated the same day as the Squidgate incident on the bridge). More V2K high-jinx that makes it appear there are leaks related to ESP or some s***. It should come as no surprise that fiction could be generated using subliminals, should it? That’s how they control phony narratives, maintain lies so long, spread disinformation, and keep us on a war footing (that only benefits a few).

Read the previous post again if you are confused how the chapter related to the Olson case.

They will of course say that revealing that they tested these weapons on prisoners puts their employees in danger. I’d say it is doing things like testing these weapons, drugs, methods on people that puts their employees in danger. If you want to appear to be the shining beacon of democracy, then be the shining beacon of democracy.

Only 22 More Investigation Days until the third anniversary of the unsolved arson of December 23, 2009.


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