Compare and Contrast

Truthout – Cleveland Anarchist Bomb Plot Aided and Abetted by FBI

Mother Jones – DoJ Mysteriously Quits Monsanto Anti-Trust Lawsuit

And again, going back a bit…

The Nation – Blackwater’s Black Ops

From page 2:

The Nation has previously reported on Blackwater’s work for the CIA and JSOC in Pakistan. New documents reveal a history of activity relating to Pakistan by Blackwater. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto worked with the company when she returned to Pakistan to campaign for the 2008 elections, according to the documents. In October 2007, when media reports emerged that Bhutto had hired “American security,” senior Blackwater official Robert Richer wrote to company executives, “We need to watch this carefully from a number of angles. If our name surfaces, the Pakistani press reaction will be very important. How that plays through the Muslim world will also need tracking.” Richer wrote that “we should be prepared to [sic] a communique from an affiliate of Al-Qaida if our name surfaces (BW). That will impact the security profile.” Clearly a word is missing in the e-mail or there is a typo that leaves unclear what Richer meant when he mentioned the Al Qaeda communiqué. Bhutto was assassinated two months later. Blackwater officials subsequently scheduled a meeting with her family representatives in Washington, in January 2008.

And in case you think Blackwater is operating “rogue”, from page 1:

In October 2009 Blackwater executives faced a crisis when they could not account for their government-issued Secure Telephone Unit, which is used by the CIA, the National Security Agency and other military and intelligence services for secure communications. A flurry of e-mails were sent around as personnel from various Blackwater entities tried to locate the device. One former Blackwater official wrote that because he had left the company it was “not really my problem,” while another declared, “I have no ‘dog in this fight.'” Eventually, Prado stepped in, e-mailing the Blackwater officials to “pass my number” to the “OGA POC,” meaning the Other Government Agency (parlance for CIA) Point of Contact.

In other words, they were still getting marching orders through the phone and their contract after perhaps making Pakistan less stable through the use of their “an affiliate of Al Qaeda.”

It’s all backwards isn’t it? I should know. I do know. My life (such as it is) is an example of what happens when you actually try to get at real terrorists. This actually did happen. And I have to think FBI CI/CT knows it. Its entirely confirmable.

Now that we know why I was in NYC in the first place (as a CIA stooge, probably–based on some of those entities mentioned here and here–sometimes loaned out to others) that becomes all the more interesting and easy to explain. Stationed as a lookout near where anyone who didn’t know Rudy had an apartment might assume was his residence.

Of course, all I did was see something and make a phone call. Nothing spectacular. But it still goes to show that this government actually wants another terror attack in order to bring the foot down harder, to stop people asking questions. Historically, that’s called tyranny, fascism.

And of course they continue to pursue anything except for domestic Rightwing terrorism, proven and shown to exist, to be active, and far more of a threat than the physically and mentally challenged FBI seems fixated on bringing in.

Now, the only logical explanations I can see is that Hersh is correct, that there has been a silent military coup, or at least a partial one. The other is, I suppose, multinationals threatening economic chaos unless their “demands” are met. Sounds like terrorists to me, but of course, like a dog whose tail is stepped on, it snaps at the easy, closest target.

Or both.

And that is what these people did to me. Manufactured crap, poison penned, hell, I don’t even think that mattered. I expect it’s just fun to play James Bond no matter who or why just so long as there’s someone telling these young people who got into it to protect their country that it’s OK. Much like the Stamford Prison Experiment results. Or what came out at the Nuremberg trials. You know, “just following orders.”

It must be very frustrating being unable to make any difference that actually matters, so out of a sort of Nero-playing-the-fiddle mentality and playing pretend hero or maybe God hates fags kind of thinking, they just crack down on Joe Citizen because, why not? No oversight, unlimited Executive power, and the law has pretty much been suspended since circa 1980s CIA/DoD operatives murdered 3,000 people in one day anyway.

Only 21 More Investigation Days until the third anniversary of the unsolved arson of December 23, 2009.


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