More On Shrub’s Political Hitlist Through the Mental Health System

Natural News Bush’s Handout to Big Pharma (also serves to silence critics when wielded properly, July 2004)

HSLDA on the same program (February 2005)

There was also an NPR coverage but I cannot find it presently.

And here is an example of how powerful entities use this to silence whistleblowers: DailyMailUK – German Man Who Noticed Bank Moneylaundering Placed in Mental Institution *

And of course this is what the Pentagon did to Dakota Meyer after he pointed out that British-owned multinational weapons manufacturer BAE Systems was planning to sell better weapon sights to Pakistan whose military is known to shoot US soldiers in the back.

And it is how CIA got Frank Olson in that NYC hotel room. How they are currently discrediting people like Lynnae Williams and myself.

There is no low to that these criminals will not sink to. If there’s one thing most of you need desperately to pull your cranium out of your pelvis and notice, it’s that.

* Note the recent US Senate report on multinational banks laundering money (PDF) for terrorism and drug cartels. The phony narrative started off with “It was greed” then moved to “they didn’t notice.” Not even a real slap on the wrist. We bailed them out and they fund our enemies. It’s also notable that their behavior is very clearly defined as terrorism in the Patriot Act. They didn’t notice? Elliot Spitzer spent less than six figures on an escort and they were all over it because they consider him an enemy from his days as NY AG. But they launder billions of drug and terror money but didn’t notice? Laughable if it weren’t for the entire federal government’s continued throwing of the troops under the bus while simultaneously covering for these same sources of funding, the actual f***ing head of the whole problem.


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  1. […] also the Mollath Affair and the Bush administration’s thought to force medication on people it deemed mentally ill. I believe this was basically how Stalin and Lenin defined anyone […]

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