Where There’s Smoke


Earlier this morning, I walked in on what led to what you see above. I was not in the house all morning, having spent the night elsewhere.

The Squidgate juror’s home. A fire. She was sleeping mere feet away from the fire on a couch. So was the dog she’s watching this week. There’s more damage than the photo shows. A log rolled or fell out and rolled/broke up across the floor, and there are far more burns like those. The place was filling up with smoke as the carpet was about to catch fire.

Note that days ago she also burned her leg on the same wood stove. It will likely leave a scar.

This is what you call being mocked. The fire at the Conway’s condo resulted in Kate’s legs being burnt.

Voice-to-skull subliminals likely led to the stove door being left open, the log in a precarious position, and the previous accident causing the leg welt as well.

Note that she has no idea about these blog posts. I don’t discuss it.

You f***ers couldn’t find your dicks with a kilo of heroin duct-taped to it, could you? Either that, or it’s you doing it.

Yeah, it’s obvious that FDNY was also called to Kate’s to avoid arson becoming murder. So goddam what? Why is this government behaving like the KGB is running the show?

Only 17 More Investigation Days until the third anniversary of the unsolved arson of December 23, 2009.

Safe to assume this will be the same at the fourth since we are dealing with a system so corrupt it defies imagining. Criminals run the show, folks, clearly all three f***ing branches of government.


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