New SciFi Short Story (Updated)

(Update: made some edits to the short story).

Really more of a conversation. Over here and inspired by the neocon mutiny mentioned in the previous post, the massive INFOOP/PSYOP signed in black and white by former SECDEF Rumsfeld.

Also things like the mentality that makes some sub-100 IQ shout the kinds of things he did night before last from a car leaving the parking lot of a gay bar. That the same individual had trouble separating females from drag queens while inside I suppose explains a lot. This does not make a direct appearance, merely served as fuel.

The short story pays homage to Rummy’s known knowns and unknown unknowns, among other things like DIA/NSA/INSCOM/ONI or whichever’s remote torture as well, what the effects are and the aberrant psychology of the architects of the current mess we find ourselves in (whether it’s yet dawned on you or not).

Basically, a chat with the brain’s gatekeeper and nearby known known, known unknown, unknown known, and maybe even unknown unknown associates. Enjoy!


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