Two More Wars

Maybe eventually I’ll get around to something you do care about.
–Hans Gruber, paraphrased

The War on Sports and the War on Education

Let’s try it this way. Working backwards, inductively. Think of it as walking in the tracks of an elephant to see where it came from.

Neoconservative thinkers say to themselves, “We want to reshape America in our image, to our way of thinking, so as to perpetuate the ideology for future generations. We want a permanent war footing. How do we achieve that?”

For one, we take over education.

Ok. How do we do that?

1) Propaganda (mostly a given; self-explanatory; increase school-related crime; create the need for a “firm hand”, make sure that overt government education efforts fail or control the narrative so it appears that way)

2) Control/alter the funding in order to influence/control the curriculum (almost complete defense and related funding is the goal!)

3) Privatize pre-college schools by, in part, temporarily removing/limiting federal funding for it, unless it comes from DoD and the intelligence community; initially quasi-charter schools come to save the day for pre-college, handing over “friendly” corporate control of school systems.

3A) How do we limit federal funding? TAX CUTS FOR THE TOP PORTION OF THE TAX BRACKET plus wars that force spending on defense, security and intel. Fear over safety and being thought unpatriotic trump teaching little Billy about history and biology.

4) Convert colleges and universities to war colleges by making them rely heavily on defense funding to stay open

What are sources of current funding?


4A) Sports must be discredited, discourged.

How do we do that?

Bad examples. Find popular sports figures and reveal worst attributes in embarrassing ways.

And so the Sandusky scandal comes to pass. I thought it odd at the time I was talking about how they discredited Scott Ritter when that story broke. It occurred to me it might have somehow been related, but with only one piece, no pattern, I wasn’t yet ready to suggest it. Not thinking so much that they “created Sandusky” as they found a way to expose the unexposable. Alters opinions.

And then there was this recently. Couldn’t quite wrap my head around why they might try the same s*** in sports as movie theaters and grocery stores until I recalled some odd occurrences (details not important, rather lackluster compared to most) while I was writing a response letter to some folks at U of M when I was in Minneapolis. They suggested sports majors as a way of bringing in more students, re-energizing campus, etc.

I’m still not sold 100% with only two data points, but it does make some sense given the one-track fascist minds we’re talking about.

Perhaps due to being really a bit more nerd than jock * I initially agreed with the people who opposed creating sports management, sports history, etc. majors/minors. I think this boiled down to concerns that it might attract the types who in pre-college educational establishments would tend to harass the bookish types. Also, there is often the complaint that schools who focus too much on sports lose focus on academia in general.

Note, however, that this is about creating classes and not making decisions between new sports uniforms and computers. Money coming in from people wanting to manage or report on sports can help fund medical research and science projects, the arts, etc. (But then that’s what they said when they created the Lotto, and somehow the money doesn’t tend to go there despite being massive amounts. That’s a matter of holding legislators to their word).

And I thought, hey, it would expose them to more reading (always a good thing) and would bring in money from sources other than defense.

And that’s largely it.

Down the road, religion will be codified in what were previously public schools in order to create a social order that makes most obey authority no matter how corrupt because the important thing is to stop questioning. They will erase the separating line between church and state in order to justify the horrific as divine will TM, to ensure that aggression–for which sports serve as a largely harmless outlet–is aimed instead at internal opposition and anyone unlucky enough to be standing on ground inside the borders of a country where anything a multinational desires happens to exist. **

Unlike the War on Drugs and War on Terror (which have both been huge successes for many because they had the opposite effect of their intended purposes), they actually intend to win these two and I expect they will. This country is being held hostage. This government has been taken over by the military, the neocons, and the multinationals they have allied themselves with. Destroying pastimes and the ability to think outside the box they are putting you in in order to get everyone goose-stepping in the same direction. Similar efforts with Hollywood. It’s so goddam obvious that some folks who have thus far appeared clueless must be noticing.

This sliver of the plan is Pat Tillman in reverse.

Welcome to the new Dark Ages.

* I was both in high school but probably should have chosen cheerleader instead of football and band. I haven’t really given sports much thought for many, many years.

** And, yes, I’m saying that neocons get their marching orders from foreign capitols (in the sense that Globochem’s board room is just that).


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