When Johnny Comes Marching Home

How does the same s*** keep happening to the same guy?
–John McClane, Die Hard 2

More of a round-up of updates, further thoughts, etc. regarding recent posts.

First, the previous post. I, naturally, not actually being a human-hating neoconservative, missed a few things. Sports has been historically a way out of poverty, in part through scholarships. This is often the case with minorities who attempt to maneuver through a jungle inhabited by rich white old money f***s. In essence, they are racist as well.

Which then lead to the possibility that the third data point was staring me right in the face traveling along slower than the iconic car chase attached to it.

I’m still not sure, but as I said I don’t pay much attention to sports, so I’m not in touch with what’s going on there. I will reiterate what I said though: a mostly harmless outlet for aggression. This was what the Romans did in lieu of war and it makes sense in that regard. Take it away and all that pent-up testosterone has to find an outlet or pon farr takes over and there is throwing of soup, screaming and weeping in hallways.

High school was a bit like that for me (without the weeping part), living in a fag-hating, semi-inbred location such as I was moved to in 8th grade. Sexual frustration (another thing conservatives love to do, legislate the bedroom) turns to anger and violence if one isn’t careful.

Next, I highlight that Igor Smirnov’s voice-to-skull toys (capable of transmitting subliminal suggestions) can be carried over anything that transmits sound. CDs, for example. Satellites (and therefore TV, radio and cellphones).

I note that because INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP (see post a few down) references using PSYOPS over satellite to cellphones. This implies that it is quite conceivable that anything from the Arab Spring via radio and cellphones (again, see necon Michael Ledeen’s screed on turning the Middle East into a “boiling cauldron”) to the Tea Party from watching FOX news and listening to rightwing radio.

Also, I found within the 1963 CIA IG MKULTRA report that as of 1960, they had not yet found an effective aphrodisiac. Don’t have the link for you presently, but it’s on the web.

I say that because the quote at top really ought to be Hillary Clinton’s regarding a vast rightwing conspiracy, because that and alliances with certain multinationals who have no loyalty to the US or even the Western Hemisphere, is what we got.


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