You Need More Proof

That DoD has taken over justice. Ok.

First, note that TIME writer/former CIA Robert Baer stated that DoD had taken over CIA. This has been repeated since by others in the form of “it’s turned into a paramilitary organization.” That is apparently changing. DIA seems to be taking over covert ops. 1,600 DIA agents going into the field, largest surge ever.

And DIA, like NSA, is under control of what Seymour Hersh described as seven or eight Cheney loyalists among the Joint Chiefs.


DoJ went after John Edwards. Now, really, is/was he the most corrupt politician we have? Is there not a single Republican to go after to balance things out?

Recall the politicizing of the US Attorneys as well, the “I can’t recalls” out of Alberto Gonzalez. Handing it all over to JSOC is just the next goose-step.

The Koch brothers have been doing business with Iran, just as Dick Cheney’s Halliburton had done with Iraq. No charges.

The Brits went after Rupert Murdoch’s empire over the phone-hacking and other scandals. We did not. Note that his companies’ crimes included targeting 9/11 victims’ families. You would think that would be a priority for both parties here, but no. You would think given that and things like Bill O’Reilly sending FOX security to the home of a man who called into his show would get the attention of DoJ, but no. They prefer to teach mentally retarded people how to plan terror attacks.

You see, the GOP has doubled down on the neocons and the Koch brothers’ tea party. Which now makes them accessories to murder-by-proxy and many other things. When those neocon generals go down in flames, as they surely will (is voice-to-skull really that effective? Verily, verily I say no, or imagine what happens when the opposition gets up to speed on it), they will drag the GOP down with them. It is inevitable.

Of course the Dems are ready and willing to fill Teapublitarian shoes as the labor-hating multinational-loving party of choice. With the GOP having gone around the bend, continuing to march off the fascist cliff like lemmings…well, it’ll leave a vacuum.

There’s more, but gotta go.


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