The Unforgotten

Right. Spoilers for The Forgotten below.

First, we have messing with memory. Of course that is of interest to the psychos who dwell within the defense sector and intelligence community. As stated before, once this is doable to human memory remotely, it’s over. Absolute power, no way to counter it.

Now, there are already drugs that affect memory. Rufies are used for that purpose as a date-rape drug (undoubtedly this is how CIA and NSA officers get laid on weekends). However, that’s for memories as they happen, not erasing the distant past.

Then there is voice-to-skull, the subliminal use. It doesn’t work forever, however, but I expect periodic reinforcement could just about effectively prevent recalling something, like how you really feel about your ex or someone else.

This is right out of the film pretty much, except they of course carry the line that such technology and methods could only be possible if some advanced alien intelligence is involved. This is the modern version of belief in magic. Which brings me again to Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law (at least that is how it is sometimes referred to):

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Really, this also applies to things like stage magic tricks as well. If you don’t know how it was done, it is “magic”, right, until you come up with an explanation. This is the essence of covert operations: to achieve a goal while making it seem as though there is an alternate explanation for whatever effects it has, at least while it is happening. False-flag attacks and other PSYOPS work this way as well. It is, in my opinion, an odd combination of arrogance and humility that make these work so well on the American public. On the one hand, people think they are making up their own minds when they are being manipulated (arrogance) and yet they also submit to power even when something really stinks (humility).

One of the parts that really made me chuckle during the film was when the main character stated that no agent, no agency could have made her pictures disappear, her scrapbook empty.

This is actually classic covert ops stuff. Right out of Gaslight and the old Mission: Impossible TV show.

We have a couple of delusions. First about the relative safety of our stuff whether it’s in our locked homes, in our vehicles or on our person. Second, the whole “why would they bother?” delusion. They would because it was public opinion stopped the Vietnam war and they really want the wars to continue because it profits them. That’s humility again.

And the assumption that authority has our best interests at heart. The thought is, “They would only bother me if I were guilty of something.” It’s complete bulls*** and they are already bothering you, you just may not yet realize it.

So, it was hilarious to hear the NSA agent in the film say, much as I joked at some point on this blog probably over a year ago, that they cooperate with the aliens and their experiments in order to survive, to minimize damage. (“Yeah, man, the aliens want to play with your colon and NSA is all that stands between you and those long-fingered space perverts!” is the essence of it).

Extraterrestrials: the ultimate scapegoat, disinformation campaign, red herring all rolled up into one. It deflects useful requests for information from the government because it focuses on UFOs instead of government-funded and/or -conducted mind control/behavioral modification programs, for example. In the film, it is the aliens conducting an experiment (it is implied, in order to conquer humanity it seems) and not the NSA who get involved.

This kind of power can and will be used to create exactly the kind of dystopia depicted in Watts’ Rifters Trilogy. Powerful multinational corporations will eliminate whistleblowers by simply making them forget what they heard or saw or by making them radically, fanatically loyal to the CEO through the use of technology and techniques. They will eliminate government of all kinds and become the Providers-of-All-There-Is. Essentially, God.

The result of that is exactly what we’ve been seeing. May as well bring Die Hard 3 into this as well: the robbing of national wealth by non-state actors, that is multinational corporations. (In the film, it is the literal theft of the gold at the Federal Reserve; we have the housing and credit crises, LIBOR fraud, and the extension of the WoT and WoD by banks supporting terrorism and drug cartels.

Now I am biased about how to best handle these things. First because I have been and continue to be remote tortured. It affects your perspective. Though I might point out that it provides a full understanding of what the enemy is capable of and therefore perhaps is clearer than that which your ivory tower types might have.

Second, being an American who has been inundated by propaganda all his life, I think of sending a “strong message.”

In other words, rather than trouble Deutsche Bank or HSBC or whichever out of a few billion, I’d have sent a drone to blow up their corporate headquarters. If the next bank didn’t like it, I’d send drones to that CEO’s homes. Etc.

Though there would be shortterm economic chaos, longterm I think we would find a return to manufacturing in the US like no one ever expected to see again, economic progress, and an end to the shooting murders by proxy.

Right out of A Clear and Present Danger, really.

Because that’s what it is.

Speaking of propaganda, Glenn Greenwald goes up against the new pro-war, pro-torture Hollywood and it’s bulls*** statement that torture is useful. The psychos in CIA who protect multinationals really enjoy it enough to blow significant tax dollars on funding films to support it. They are the long-fingered freaks who want to play with your ass. The “call” is coming from the planet earth, people.

Good thing I don’t have access to V2K tech myself. I doubt I’d be able to resist using it on people whose job it is to protect us from that s*** so they can get a good idea of what it’s like.

* For a better Bigelow film see Strange Days and think how it would be to be able to do what the tech does in that film remotely, without the need for the wires, to someone else. That’s the ultimate PSYOP, remote VR.


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