Of Finite Progression

“Why do birds s-i-n-g so gay?”

Seems as though it progresses, doesn’t it? It starts for most with what appears to be a local p.olice matter, maybe issues with border guards.

Then the machinations of parties involved in illegal programs come to light. But they have to have a goal. Started before 9/11, so that’s a phony justification. Financial motive?

Ah, yes, treasonous activities that profit some multinationals become the norm. International banks, for example, play neighbors off against each other, profit from the resulting conflict.

So now the cryptosociological pattern centers in the neocortex fire up and you can almost see a man who can go anywhere, any time, and is treated like a king.

And you wonder why they haven’t just shot the f***er’s plane down. You wonder if the idiots carrying out the nearly daily (they took Thanksgiving off) remote torture sessions realize they are drawing attention to their ultimate “boss” and whether or not he’ll be pleased at that. He enjoys anonymity and playing with his world.

Only two…


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