There Can Be Only…

“Do you really believe I would have a ****** run our family business?”
Charles Koch Mortimer Duke

You can think of him as sort of John Hurt in Contact, or more like Christopher Plummer in Syriana. He’s the Napoleon of crime and war. For something closer to how it must work, see The International. If nothing else, there are a few interesting things to learn, and toward the beginning of the film you get to experience some of McCoyote’s natural habitat from which he was plucked and thrown in various other places more closely at times resembling The Island from the old Prisoner TV show.

So you…well, some of you…can see what I mean:

New York Stock Exchange agrees to be bought by Intercontinental Exchange.

I suppose it could be that a larger government (I still can’t imagine the one-world kind, but mind control plus much, much better computers* make it feasible) would not necessarily be a bad thing. At least being a citizen of the World you might be able to move closer or further from dangerously unhinged religious zealots who are looking forward to throwing you into concentration camps because, you know, “Mr. White” thinks there are too many people and he doesn’t much care who goes, provided it’s not him.

NYSE going international…I know, I know, “How does it affect me?”

Go back to sleep, zombie.

* Been reading Kurzweil’s new book, How to Create a Mind. Much of it is similar to what I’ve already picked up from Watts, Bakker, news, etc. A lot of good, accessible info though. The neocortex, 80% of our brain, operates on pattern-matching principles, hierarchies. It explains why we are good at recognizing things (until we’ve reached optimal redundancy of said object or concept, then we tend to ignore them) why we often see what we expect to see, and really bad at logic. Utilizing logic in our heads is sort of emulated using patterns. It’s kind of like using a Wii to do 3-D computer-aided drawing. The thing wasn’t built for that.

In any case, it backs up what I had been saying about the “being surreptitiously drugged” phase of my harassment. Only being able to hint at what was going on using jokes, poetry, song lyrics, pictures, etc. The neocortex was still doing it’s job but consciousness was not able to translate it into plain English.

(By the way, side note, Kurzweil doesn’t think that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe, but utilizing the model he ascribes to, if it did, because they would likely still be bound by Darwinian principles in a mostly unforgiving Universe, they would likely also be pattern-matchers, or at least have gone through that phase. Whether or not they would be bound by the inadequacies of language to share information is I suppose another question. But that’s all very off-topic, I think. The point is that the pattern-matching skills likely developed as a survival ability in humans. Using aliens in this context is just so we can take a step back and look at the principle like Einstein riding the light wave.)

Only one more investigation day until the third anniversary of the unsolved Brooklyn arson of December 23, 2009.


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