And another year of Rorschach tests administered to the Federal government end with poor results.

So, let’s go over this again.

December 22, 2009 – Wrote a letter on Watts’ behalf to the judge, Monoghan. This preliminary examination was I think the second scheduled one, Monoghan having developed chest pains just a case or two before Watts. I faxed the letter directly from my PC over the Internet and was therefore unable to sign it. That may have been the reason it was not so far as I know read or included in the proceedings. In a prelim exam, a judge can hear arguments and details that would not normally be allowed at a trial.

December 23, 2009 – Unknown to me until the 25th, the former girlfriend and still-friend of a close friend of mine, who at the last I had heard lived much closer to me (she had apparently moved a bit further since then) and her father were in their condo building in Brooklyn when a fire broke out. They were rescued by FDNY and were both hospitalized for smoke inhalation. In addition, Kate’s legs were burnt, so she was taken to the burn center in Manhattan.

Later that same morning (recall again, I didn’t find out about the fire until the 25th), I was standing outside the deli around the block from where I live. While standing there talking to one of the two owners, I saw a large cloud of white smoke coming from the corner. It appeared to be close to Jeremy Scahill’s from where I was standing. I pulled my phone and headed in that direction. As I got closer, I saw three men in a pickup truck and that the smoke was emanating from the truck’s tailpipe. As I approached, they drove away and I could see that they were laughing.

When I returned to speak with the deli owner, he said, “I saw something,” but seemed a little dazed. I think this is the first time I’ve included that detail. This implies voice-to-skull was at work during this event so that I would be the sole witness, which in turn pulls it well out of the realm of “roadside justice” by the father and brother of Peter Watts’ accuser: Sergeant Andrew Beaudry of the Customs and Border Patrol of the Department of Homeland Security.

Thinking this merely another prank, trick, harassment event, or as I would later come to realize, PSYOP, I just laughed and let it go. No one was harmed, just some jerks in a truck, I thought.

Christmas Day – I received a text explaining that Kate’s fire had occurred, she was in the hospital. This was in response to an email about some discussion of legal matters. I was getting well fed up with the harassment already.

I merely thought it odd for the moment. Fire and a smoke prank.

But keep in mind I was drugged already. Everything was fine–it felt that way–and yet I was conscious of the fact that it wasn’t. An odd combination.

There was a later-aired episode of Burn Notice (I watched it much later than it was recorded which I think was in January 2010) in which the main character describes which chemicals to put in a tailpipe to get that reaction and thereby fake a fire.

After getting the text about the fire, on the following Sunday I think it was, I and another friend went to visit Kate in the hospital. We had not been told that she was in a coma prior to that. There was an over-dramatic moment when I looked into the hospital room and a doctor (I have my doubts that he was a doctor, call it instinct or maybe I recognized him from somewhere else) and he threw the curtain closed while staring at me.

I spoke to her step mother who told me that she had been in Chicago because her mother had passed away. She would have been in the building had it not been for that.

I sent an email to FBI and Secret Service mentioning the fire because I was at this point definitely smelling a rat. There was more to the whole Squidgate situation than it seemed. Had to be. No call for the harassment if there wasn’t. Of course, the real intended recipient of the email was a friend of Watts. (And I expected NSA was at the very least saving copies. Whether or not INSCOM was involved was never clear, but their visit to was weeks before this).

Before the sentencing hearing (April 2010), in the hallway, I saw three men generally matching the descriptions of those in the truck. They were, I was told when I asked someone, Beaudry’s dad and two brothers. The father had a very worried look on his face. Not angry. Worried.

For whatever reason, logic somehow overcoming the drugs and PSYOPS, that feeling of wellness, because there was at the time that mystery that just about consumed my every thought, “Who had been my visitor in Brooklyn on January 3, 2010?”, or voice-to-skull, I just did not believe it had been them in the truck. I moved to make absolutely certain all three of them saw me, even to the point of standing too close to make sure they looked. There was zero recognition.

I was sure it had not been them in the truck, and likely not them who had set the fire.

Later in 2010, I met a man at the Saloon in Minneapolis who wanted to sell me a homemade laser. He demonstrated it for me, and told me where the instructions for making them can be found.

The man is burning the outer layer of his wallet:


Nice shot:


With quite the range:


Here’s one of the three articles that disappeared soon after I linked to them on Watts’ blog and Facebook. Note that I found this one on a firefighting website that had saved a copy:

Rescuers pull 2 from B’klyn blaze

Last Updated: 9:46 AM, December 24, 2009

Firefighters rescued a Brooklyn woman and her father yesterday morning after the two were knocked unconscious as a blaze ripped through their Park Slope apartment.

An overloaded power strip sparked the fire in the top floor of the four-story building on Third Street near Fifth Avenue about 2:30 a.m., officials said.

Firefighters Rob Mitchell and John Fisher, along with Capt. Dennis Murphy of Ladder Co. 105, rushed into the building. They found Michael Conway, 58, passed out in a hallway. His daughter, Kate, 29, was found unconscious nearby. Both were carried to safety.

Michael was in stable condition at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. Kate was taken to New York Hospital-Cornell Burn Center, where she was listed in serious but stable condition with burns to her legs.

“It’s the best reward you can get,” said Capt. Murphy, a 26-year FDNY veteran. “It’s a good feeling, especially during this time of the year.”

And so I ask again. Is there a difference, forensically speaking, post-fire between a power strip that overheated via a laser and one that overheated due to being overloaded?

In addition, there were several other fires in Brooklyn which were deemed to be arson. Initially, they suspected a former fireman. At least one of the blazes, however, was done by a mentally disturbed man who claimed to have been seeing “the demon eyes.”

Once again, we are seeing these new methods, undoubtedly developed by the dark crevices of the United States government being used to spread fear and intimidate. Yet another shooting yesterday in rural Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, it stirs up trouble between the Left (who want to limit gun ownership as the solution) and the Right (who want to arm everyone in order to stop further shootings).

All we have to do is outlaw electronic non-lethal weapons (but be sure to word it so they can’t rename it and continue to use it).

And then we have to clean house and oust those who have sold us out to non-state sponsors of terrorism, and kick the asses of those same, whether they be ultimately certain multinationals, their officers, or some individuals who keep their names out of the papers and profit off of how they direct the same. Or both.

Really, it’s pretty simple. You still have likely a pyromaniac who was responsible and did it by listening to what he was told via voice-to-skull.

Though the demon eyes guy sounds like it’s closer to that SONY patent linked at right, that I saw demonstrated later.

Kate was recovering from a brain aneurism when this occurred. She did, after some weeks, come out of her coma. She was a very positive, determined person. She supported Reverend Billy for mayor (he’s sort of a comedian who draws attention to the excesses of Wall Street by satirizing it).

This makes, in my estimate, pretty much everyone involved criminal or criminally negligent. That I am, after all this time still subjected to daily remote torture sessions would seem to indicate that suicide or arrest for something horrible are the only options being offered to me.

That I work in two places and that my nearest neighbors in both of them are divisions of DHS is odd to say the least. I wonder how it is that I tend to get the worst of it while I’m at work being “protected.”

I refuse both of your offers. If you want me dead, shoot me. I am not going to help you with your coverup. I don’t care if Dick Cheney is in charge. I’ve clearly done my part for my country, over twenty years of being a clay pigeon for whoever or whatever it was was really going on. No thank you. No pension (in fact you made certain I had to spend the one I got from my “cover” job to survive). Destroy the longterm relationship.

No options. If I find one, you systematically cut it off.

Unlike you hypocrites, I don’t deal with terrorists, so I reject your offers. Clean up your own mess. What difference does it make? We are on the path that these wealthy individuals want us on and, being the impotent bullies that you are, you of course try to cover that up rather than try to preserve a single f***ing thing. You would rather see thousands of Americans tricked into shooting each other than deal with a few criminals in high places. It’s pretty clear how you make decisions, just try to think of the right thing to do and then do anything but that.

You are losers. You know, zeroes.



  1. Why dont they kill us? Ive got over a decade of stalking under my….something…induced suicide…but i dont feel like it…how do they get doctors and cops to go along….eyes wide shut? Jesus bit is extra offensive…none of these folks are christians…i dont buy it…think youve hidden behind the man on a stick …you are the children of his killers…thats what the bible says…

    • Cruelty itself, like power, can be addictive and cause dissociation disorders. If you kill your prey, fun ends. Their pleasure is torturing.

      Part of the game is also training victims through abuse to see others as suspicious and over time the abuse can take an emotional/mental toll that others perceive as something else such as schizophrenia. Most cops aren’t equipped to make a determination nor deal with that. And most doctors have never heard of OS, don’t know what MKULTRA/COINTELPRO were/are, and wouldn’t know what to do if they did.

      Mind you, the abuse can cause problems also. See the post in April about isolation and trauma causing hallucinations. One reason why it’s so hard to stop, people don’t know/understand science on a basic level much less niche subjects like psychological brainwashing, torture, etc.

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