Corollary of the day:


A group is only as smart as its dumbest member…


A government is only as benevolent as its most malevolent act.

Before I delve into more on Kurzweil’s book, more on how recruiting people to spy on their own countries, etc. works.

Due to some psychological factor I don’t entirely understand, typically the agent who is doing the recruiting has the potential spy do favors for him or her. You would expect the opposite, I suppose. But then the goal is to get the target to do favors for the agent, so perhaps starting out that way makes sense.

For example, a CIA agent posing as an engineer for a construction project in Qatar would borrow money from a potential spy and then be sure to pay it back when promised if not sooner.

The point is to build trust.

And so it is with voice-to-skull and creating killing machines.

What I’m about to relate is really not otherwise worth describing. It’s so minor. Not extremely harassing as far as harassment goes. But that’s not the point. It’s the trust-building aspect and the fact that it’s entirely impossible for me to prove to you that it occurred that makes it clear to me that what I’ve said: that someone or something inside the Obama administration desperately wants me neutralized.

I was shipping for a BlueRay player for a friend for Christmas. I went to Target to comparison shop. I found several. One, an LG model, was $10 less expensive than another promising RCA model and it had more features. Seemed obvious to choose it.

“Buy the RCA or you’ll be sorry.”

Yeah, but what if you’re lying? (A very common occurrence where V2K is concerned).

As it turned out, the LG did not have the right connections in back (and the box did not supply that information). Basically, the friend doesn’t yet have a digital TV and so needed a model that could connect to either kind of TV. The RCA did have that.

So I did find myself exchanging the LG for the RCA.

But how helpful was the message really? This is typical. Cryptic advice without much in the way of explanation.

But it would tend to keep me open to listening to what they have to say, wouldn’t it?

And believe me, some of the other things they have to say I don’t want to listen to.

Another example, was waiting on a friend at the doctor’s office and they let me know it was time to go warm up the car. That one I actually did respond to just for jollies. Sure enough, about the time I started the car, he came out of the back and we were on our way.

It’s psychology.

Right. Kurzweil’s How to Create a Mind.

First, there is a mention of how a lack of brain rest can result in immunodeficiencies and other health problems. I mention this because this would tend to support my hypothesis that Heath Ledger was murdered by over-stimulation. He worked himself to death due to having an overabundance of energy as the result of (probably) surreptitious drugging. Whether or not this was because of Brokeback Mountain or designed to appear it was over it, is another question.

Next, the concept of pattern matching modules in the brain. Basically each layer of the neocortex contains neurons, axons, etc. that redundantly contain pattern information. As the layers progress, so does the level of the concepts. Simple line shapes, such as -, /, and \ exist on one level making it possible to recognize ‘A’ even when it is in a different font than we have ever seen before. Then words, and it progresses up to abstractions, concepts, etc. like love, hate, envy, patriotism, etc.

But we don’t have an infinite number of these pattern-matching “modules”. No.

Which means when you get new input that the brain thinks is important enough to keep, it shoves something else out. The redundancy of some other memory gets erased and over-written just like a hard disk drive.

Which brings us to surreptitious drugging, harassment, and brainwashing. The drugging is why we see targets of harassment by power suddenly taking interest in things the rest of us cannot understand as being important. This took the form of jotting down license plates and graffiti by Kara Miller, one of three NJSF actresses who was subject to the illegal program I refer to as NKINTRA. It is currently taking the form of interracial couples being a “trigger” of alarm for former DIA and CIA agent Lynnae Williams. (See her Twitter feed). There are hundreds, thousands of other people experiencing similar things.

But the point is, for some reason, Kara’s and Lynnae’s (and mine where some things were concerned, but I’m trying to take a step back right now) brains were/are telling them that these things are important. It is therefore being “tricked” into storing information about those things and also therefore erasing something else.

Torture does the same thing. Brainwashing. By filling my head with bulls***, they are pushing out “who I am” and attempting to make me someone else. A killer. Or, failing that, to drive me to suicide. Every f***ing day. Usually between 7:30pm and 9pm for some reason, but the sessions have increased in frequency of late (though yesterday there was almost no words at all, just the headache, the forced emotions, the feeling like there’s someone forcing your head into a toilet with his knee at the back of your head).

Flies in the face of everything Obama has ever said about himself, doesn’t it?

But what about the actions of his administration? They regularly go after whistleblowers (usually because Republicans accuse them of leaking things on purpose) and, as Jeremy Scahill has held onto like a pitbull on an intruder’s pant leg, killed a 16 year old American citizen with an unmanned drone while he was in a coffee shop (along with everyone else there, of course).

Meanwhile, sharp right turn here, you are warned, the Squidgate juror is in an argument with the local city council. They have reduced county worker hours (of which her husband is one) from 32 to 28 hours in order to avoid what they claim will be penalties for not providing them with Obamacare.

The replies by email were hysterical and read as if Glenn Beck wrote them. Really. “Obama’s fault.” “Ultra-liberal agenda. * ” “Write Levin and Stabenow, it’s their fault.” Etc.

Of course what’s actually happening is there is a tax shortfall. This is due to the Bush tax cuts, because counties get money from states and states from the federal government.

Well, that and multinational banks who didn’t pay their LIBOR taxes (and who also sponsor terrorism and support international drug cartels, and the “Manchurian candidate” style shootings that are coming nearly every day now.

But hey, don’t listen to me. What’s the worst that could happen?

* I wish he were 1/100th the liberal they claim he is. Posing for photos with George Clooney does not a progressive make. I think someone relies too much on Machiavelli for his own–and certainly the People’s–good.


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