More on Voice-to-Skull

“The sheer number of applications for being able to render someone temporarily paralyzed are mind-boggling.” (or words to that effect)
–Obadiah Stone

“He knows when you’ve been bad or good,
So be good for goodness’ sake!”
–Obligatory nod to the date (or perhaps some reference to a fictional {?!?} internal affairs division)

And continuing the annual tradition, Merry Christmas, Jack.

So, let’s review again, shall we? There is no question that CIA knows what I am saying, that these methods and devices can be used to create proxy terrorists or mass murderers, is true. No question.

There is also no question that FBI knows. Even if they hadn’t prior to me beating on their door repeatedly (and they likely did; they come off as not being tech-savvy but they have divisions that specialize in science), they certainly do now.

And, by extension (because–never forget this folks–they were neck-deep in mind control as well) the Department of Defense, various parts, know as well.

So do some of the various contractors of the above.

But so does Secret Service, and since they got rolled into the Department of Homeland Security after 9/11 (or as it really should be known, OPERATION NORTHWOODS 2.0) so does DHS.

I told them as much in January of 2011. I went to Secret Service’s office because…well I already described why in a previous post.

They know. Got that?

This means a couple of things.

First, it means that the deaths of those school children are on the Obama administration. In the same way that 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch, so these proxy killings have happened on Obama’s.

No way around it. I’m sorry, but if you can’t oust Cheney stay-behinds after four years, there’s something wrong with you and there is no reason to think you’ll do so in four more (because we know we’ve only got at best two before it becomes all about who’s next). It sounds like an excuse, like cover, for doing one thing and saying another. It would be nice if the rhetoric were introduced one day with the actions, since they don’t even seem like distant cousins at this point. In any case, Executive’s job to get his people in line.

Next we come to “why?” Why is it so important to cover up voice-to-skull and other methods of instigating violence on American soil? There are a number of reasons I’ve already explored thoroughly (such as the existence of Top Secret America, that is homeland security being a financial bubble that has continued to grow and may only pop when the US has fallen apart due largely to over-spending and rampant paranoia and, of course, the use of subliminal audio itself inducing all sorts of wild ideas about one’s fellow citizens).


Here’s the reason.

Because even the Republicans have to be almost right once in a while. They (those who likely didn’t know about V2K) often accused Democrats of being in the “thrall” of Obama, the subtext hovering really close to anti-Christ type conspiracy stuff. Of course this was even better demonstrated by Sarah Palin’s popularity and some of the stuff that came out of that, but this is about the current administration.

I made my decision in 2008 to throw in behind Hillary Clinton (various reasons: a more known quantity, was my Senator in NY, and Larry Johnson pointing out that she intended to pursue Plamegate. That last, along with the Sibel Edmonds story of the selling of secrets from high places, I saw as the keystone, the main alert, the main proof and evidence that the invasion of Iraq was done with phony justifications. That is, not only did former Ambassador Wilson {along with two others who independently checked} find that the Niger claims were untrue, but that Valerie Plame-Wilson’s job was in part to prevent nuclear proliferation, the very thing that the Bush administration both claimed as justification for pre-emptive war and at the same time threw sand in our own face by outing a CIA agent whose network was designed to prevent. The ultimate expression of the double-standard, the logical fallacy, the truth revealed in the difference between action and word.)

This was after Edwards stepped out because of his personal troubles (and we would later learn some other issues with regards to how money was handled perhaps). I had initially supported him because he focused on poverty and jobs instead of who was willing to kill the most effectively to “protect” the American people.

So it was down to Clinton and Obama after Edwards dropped out. I was amazed at the near-zealous loyalty that some (especially college age or a little older) supporters of Obama exhibited. I came to refer to them as Obambots, though I was mostly light-hearted about it. I think I coined that phrase myself, but think I also saw it elsewhere, so maybe I saw it there or it was just something that more than one person thought of having seen similar attitudes in early Obama supporters.

In any case, I was touched and at times a little embarrassed when dealing with such people. They had what I viewed at the same time naïveté and optimism. Those I had lost after Reagan, Bush, (regained a little at times with) Clinton, and of course Mini-Me-Bush. While I found them naive I also was touched by their optimism.

But it really was…almost fanatical at the same time. Almost like brainwashing.

Now I am not saying that Obama himself knows, knew or approved of doing so. But let’s review again. Igor Smirnov’s methods of sending out subliminal messages don’t just work over voice-to-skull. No. It works over virtually anything that transmits sound.

Got that? See again Smirnov’s stuff under his tag. See also Information Operation Roadmap intended use of cellphones, etc. and the Voice Synthesis Device definition from CALL. Use of cellphones, satellite, etc. That means TV. If they can generate and send out a computer-generated voice over mass media then they can send out subliminals as well because it also delivers sound.

Which means, the Democrats use it too. This stuff is being actively used to influence elections. Congress studied the subject of subliminals during the 90s. They found (among other things, though I have not read the entire report because it is not available online except perhaps by purchase) that, for example, shoplifting could be reduced by using subliminals in stores.

That is mind control. That is behavioral modification.

While I’m not going to argue that preventing shoplifting through non-violent methods is a bad thing (nor am I going to stamp it approved because of the slippery slope it presents and perhaps helped lead us to the point we are at), you can see how it might be used to increase candidate loyalty, right? How it might serve to make people perhaps already somewhat dedicated to an idea, more so.

So, that’s it. The Obama administration is actively covering up these methods because the Democratic Party (and the Republican party) are using these devices. It might also, I suppose, explain Clinton’s beating GHWB, which many thought surprising given the recent Desert Storm invasion brought into homes by CNN. He saved an entire news network with that war, one that likely mostly goes by what CIA says (see MOCKINGBIRD), which 41 once was director of, and you’d expect that would have helped him a lot.

So when I hear, “Everything in my power,” I really cringe. I don’t believe it. Sorry. Been bamboozled too many times. Disappointed at every turn. Tortured for trying to help.

Here are some ideas anyway. The first interestingly is brought to us by the Nazis. When they were searching for an Underground radio cooperating with the Allies, they shut off power to the city (Paris? Can’t recall) in sections. When the radio stopped mid-transmission, they knew they had narrowed down its location. They then split that area into smaller parts and repeated it until they found the neighborhood to search.

So let’s shut down HAARP for a month. Preferably January (if Obama did February or even March, FOX would find some way to twist it to having to do with Black History Month–not that I think the Obama administration should care what FOX says but they seem to and more so than what those who supported them do). Shut it down, along with–very, very important–all other similar devices. Is there a redundant one hidden away some place? Satellites? Don’t know. Probably. Shut them all down. For a month.

And let’s see if that stops the daily shootings. If not, then we know–to some degree–it’s not HAARP.

And let’s stop all psychological operations. All of them. Just for a month. Executive Order. Post it. Have a press conference. Then, if it isn’t shut down, we’ll know there’s been a military coup or that it’s someone else (as if that is possible; see again what we spend on homeland security and how large it is, and how some of them must be sitting around trying to invent problems to solve to keep the cow providing cash. Why not this one? Because they already know the answer.)

Because I am having some trouble, despite William Binney stating that it’s just the Soviet era microwave weapons (6 January 2014 Update: or did he? See note here), imagining that it is only something like that. Surely someone would have noticed, somehow, the teams rolling into these various areas with their equipment.

Unless of course it is something out of DHS or some other part of the government. DHS collect their info from all of the others don’t forget. So, why not, like FBI coercing and training mentally challenged into going along with terror plots that they plan, DHS using these other methods to browbeat people (like me) into acts of violence through torture? Why is FBI doing that in the first place anyway? Does being tortured and harassed into doing something by the government make a person guilty? Would they have done it if it hadn’t been for the harassment? It seems no. One New York judge even told the FBI so when the man they tried to prosecute was shown to have a lame arm, incapable of physically performing what they were charging him with. Others were too mentally disturbed or mentally challenged to have pulled it off or thought of it. It’s a bit like Texas’ penchant for executing the retarded convicts. Is this just a war on the mentally challenged? Doesn’t make any sense.

The shootings don’t stop, therefore it must be either A) they cannot stop it or B) they will not stop it. Only two options and ultimately they amount to the same thing: criminal or criminal negligence.

The Republicans have motive. The Democrats have motive. The intel community and military have motive (or at least are of the blindly following orders structure for the most part). Their multinational partners already known to support the enemies of the US and, really, any other country when you come right down to it, have motive.

It’s the only explanation that I have that I can accept.

I’ll explain more about that later, why I reject one of the many false narratives that I’ve had shoved down my throat by these people. And risk giving these criminals more fodder for PSYOPS, but that can never be avoided when you tell the truth and the powerful are all criminals.

That’s where we are.

(If you think that was long, wait until noon’s post.)


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