Smirnov’s Dogs

First, a few clarifications for yesterday’s epistles.

Regarding inaction on the part of the Obama administration leading to sufficient mind control technology that one can know it is happening and still be unable to resist (in the near future). I should have included Congress. Oversight of the DoD (gone!) and seeing the trends and need for “brain sanctity” legislation is their job.

Speaking of Congress, I said that they studied subliminals in the 90s. I was wrong. It was the 80s. August 6, 1984 to be exact. (Insert Orwell reference here). Subcommittee on Transportation, Aviation, and Mater. (Materials?) of the Committee on Science and Technology, held hearings on “Subliminal Communications Technology”. Got that? Congress has known about this brainhacking stuff for almost thirty years.

From the abstract:

Various types of subliminal communication devices presently in use, the psychological basis for subliminal technology, and the effectiveness of subliminal communication for therapy are examined as well as potentials for abuse. Social, legal, and ethical aspects are considered with respect to the privacy and autonomy of captive audiences. Implications for the regulation of subliminal techniques are reviewed with application to the various media.

And you can put in more Orwell here. “Captive audiences”, love that. Pretty much how I’ve felt since about December ’09. Captive and forced to watch hell on earth.

Just think of the kinds of applications that pretty much any of them (as supporters of large campaign contributors) would wink at, turn their heads the other way over. Basically “spam” sent not to your voicemail, Facebook or GMail inbox, but straight to your f***ing head without you even realizing it.

Sudden hankering for cheeseburgers? No guarantee it came from “you” but rather from what Kurzweil (who is just way too gleeful over most of these discoveries) is jumping on the latest IT trend wagon and calling “the Cloud” and subliminally so.

The Cloud will provide shared thinking. Shared knowledge. Skills can be handed down in the seconds it will take for our brains to download the “software”, Kurzweil is saying.

But recall, when you change some pattern recognition modules in your head, something else went away or at least lost some of it’s redundant storage is gone, and it therefore on its way to being a “faded” memory.

That is the basis for Dollhouse pretty much, taken to an extreme. Complete personality, memory set, etc. all alterable in order to use a body for any purpose someone is willing to pay for it.

Similarly, as people have joked for some time (without realizing that they might actually be at least a little correct), “I feel dumber after hearing/seeing/reading that.” You might be if you lost something more important.

Another Problem is, what if the cloud is being edited, censored, by fascists, dictators, corporateers, and other tramplers of humanity? Entire concepts (deemed problematic by whoever is calling the shots) can be removed from the literal collective unconscious, the Cloud.

Which is essentially where we are even without it. Our current “cloud” is largely made up of TV, film, and music. It’s all bent toward excusing that which this country spent decades condemning when it was the Germans, USSR, or China engaging in it. The entire concept of hero has changed from “protector with a code/last resort” to “killer and torturer who follows orders.”

And the only explanation for it is “9/11.”

But if 9/11 was essentially provoked (via V2K and other methods) and allowed to happen, then that excuse goes away rather quickly and even the plethora of idiots among us who never question for example the usefulness and effectiveness of torture, would be forced to wonder about it all.

And it seems pretty clear that that was the case. NKINTRA was born at some point in the early 80s mere years after the Senate lambasted CIA (but not DoD) for the program. Carter being trounced by Reagan (and let’s not forget the shenanigans with the Iranian hostages, the phony energy crisis, etc. that lead to it, coming off the heels of Watergate, the Church-Tower and MKULTRA hearings) meant they had the opportunity to, the real goal from the mind control program inception, a chance to swing the United States the way they wanted it. False-flag attacks and PSYOPS to keep the US as far to the Right as possible.

We hit ourselves in the head so hard we can’t think straight any more. That is it in a nutshell and there is always someone there to take advantage, try to snatch your wallet if you are in such an “accident”, if you are drunk, dizzy, unable to grasp what just happened.

And so it is. Are we that genetically different from Europeans and Canadians? No. Yet we cling to 1950s mentalities when it’s clear we cannot live that way anymore.

Unless of course there is a huge dip in population.

EDIT: Also, one more thought on gun control. Taking away guns will not stop mind controlled puppets from killing. They will, for example, switch to bombs made from household items. The result of this will be control of the Internet (a potential source of such knowledge) by the very people pulling “the strings.”


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