“Tell me when you hear my silence.”

Some of this is going to be a bit cryptic. Get over it.

Finally saw the newest Spider-Man film. Not entirely sure why I avoided it so long. Andrew Garfield. Separated at birth with James Dean. At least he has that familiar shy thing he does. Was never my schtick that.

And so the film, apart from the obvious references (using veterans to yet things so rich, insane people can extend their lives, the bio-weapon stuff, the genetic manipulation, not unlike that film Sil or whatever it was called). Certainly, it contains a heavy dose of the sappy. Another minus, at least in the current state of affairs. Really, while I liked Spidey as a kid, he doesn’t fit me at all. Film didn’t really speak to me. Pictures I take come out looking awful.

I did like that bit at the end, though. Only one plot: Who am I? C’est moi?

(And now it seems Doctor Octopus is taking over, Parker is getting killed off in issue 700. The meme war rages on. Good to know they aren’t neglecting other media. Of course that particular meme is a little mixed.)

But of course I know who I am. I think I even know who you are. But I have no idea what you’re going to do. The suspense is, well, amazing. Spectacular even.

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. And saying ahead of time isn’t going to make a bit of difference in the outcome.

If they don’t start straightening up, doing the right thing, and soon…

I’m gonna f*** them all. I mean enough is enough all around, isn’t it?

Speaking of doubles, I’m told I have one in Atlanta. An offer of the old switcheroo, etc. given and summarily refused. Le Circle or whatever it’s called? A joke? I don’t know.

Seems to be my schtick to document, analyze, report. Can’t very well do that if I change identities, can I?

I gotta say, while I never much believed what the neocons said, I just can’t feature that their hatred of Europe (socialism) was phony. That I always thought was sincere.

Dick, are you seriously going to allow the US to fall to wealthy, multinational, non-state, Eurotrash? What are you, French?

We are being played off against each other. Who profits? Those banks (and the billionaires who love them) who are playing regions and countries off against each other for a long time. It’s as easy a case to make that you guys are in league with them, seek the downfall of the US as the crazy stuff you people say about Obama.

Dick, you are either with us or against us. Make up your mind.


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