Car Damage Photos

Here you go. The snow is covering much of the damage, we have gotten more since it occurred yesterday around 10 am.

Snow was not a factor in the accident, apart from the very high pile that blocked the juror’s view of the minivan.

The driver of the minivan was a young woman. She had three passengers, one of which is a friend of the juror’s youngest son. This individual was taken to the hospital. He was well enough to speak to the juror’s son on the phone and confirmed that the young woman (who he had only just met) did not even hit the brakes when she ran the stop sign.

This was the corner of Moak Street and 24th Street, near the only gay bar here, Seekers. However, there is also a Pentecostal church there, so…

Juror sustained bump/bruise on her forehead and very bad bruise on knee, plus whiplash. Granddaughter uninjured from what I was told.

Car as you can see is pretty banged up in the front. The van lost the door behind the driver’s door.

The interesting part here, is twofold.

First, as I’ve already said, both the juror’s son and my son were hit by drivers of SUVs who simply did not even notice that they had hit anyone until after it was very obvious. As if daydreaming. I believe that was V2K or similar in use in order to train assassins (that is, those using the devices to time “accidents” this way), as I’ve already said. I believe that is why I wound up here in the first place, how we all got pulled together. Though obviously there is a lot of murk to try to see through, so I can’t be certain. Veterans in general made the “watch list” due to, I think, those planned attacks back around end of ’09, beginning of ’10. Lloyd Woodson was one of those. Couple that with being Native American and you have sufficient reason to want to use him, target him. Could be more I don’t know yet.

The second issue is that the juror’s second thought (after checking that her granddaughter was okay) was to go beat up the driver of the minivan. She said another woman, a witness, held her back. This is very, very similar to what happened with her husband when he went to try to find her at the police station after that ridiculous arrest when some other young man glued coyote fur to his face and robbed the local Check’n’Go.

Also a V2K use. The interesting thing, that family is very Republican.

So. Is there a cold war between the parties? Yes.

The bigger question, is it just that, or are there outsiders acting as agents provocateur? I think so.





In closing, the answer to the question regarding the other posts this morning is, “How the f*** do I know?” I do, however, believe that that accounting is possible. It was too easy to find that MKULTRA list and see it match what happened and then turning from CIA to framing FBI (the sex tape bit) was just too much. Definitely someone else doing that, likely a contractor and they likely work for Mr. Tricky “Niger Forgery” Himself. Ledeen and Rove sit back, pushing Cheney out in front, and in case he crashes and burns, they can prepare all sorts of lies to distance him from the rest of the party while getting him to help accomplish their goals.


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