Squidgate juror’s best friend found her boyfriend dead on his couch this morning. He worked in defense. In fact, Mike’s nickname was “Tank” because he apparently worked making them. It was his birthday celebration found me at a nearby AMVETS station, where I saw that poster that pointed out it was veterans who protect rights (and to me that it is brass who destroys them).

This is, contrary to desire, exactly the kind of thing I would expect the nazis to do. That they have no regard whatever for their own troops, as I’ve said and shown many times, is a given. The move is to intimidate, threaten, radicalize, and to throw off in some other direction, because why would they kill a military veteran who works in defense?

They can, they would, and until proven otherwise (a difficult task since this is about traceless assassination methods) I fully believe they did.


Right. More stuff locally.

The other night (Friday or Saturday, I think) all around the same time, Ron (Michigander Ron) had a visit from a heroin addict of his sister’s acquaintance (the same sister who threw him out despite losing his income to help her pay the bills you may recall), another man in the same twenty or so unit apartment building had a heart attack, and a young woman attempted suicide. All of those things can be accomplished via so-called non-lethal weapons as I have covered here ad nauseum. He is also having health issues.

Additionally, the Squidgate juror’s eldest son’s girlfriend passed out at work yesterday and hit her head on the cement floor. She seems to have recovered. I also covered that one, one way to accomplish that, a few times. There is a health explanation, so I can’t be certain.

That’s most of it if I ignore the craziness happening to various acquaintances as well. Co-worker’s sister beat the s*** out of his wife. A couple I know have been having problems after three happy years and the trouble began during my birthday celebration earlier this month, just days after their third anniversary. Another co-worker, and something of a conspiracy theorist, out for over a week with pneumonia.

It appears, were I to pay full attention, that all hell is breaking loose.

But then I’m razor- laser-focused on the nazis responsible and the methods used. Water off a duck’s back.

GLADIO and V2K: a match made in Hell.

Operation Gladio

Historian interviewed about GLADIO via Sibel Edmonds’ blog.

You’ll hear some familiar themes. Turns out that nearly every terrorist organization in the Western Hemisphere since WWII was the product of the British and American governments through NATO. You’ll hear its relationship to PAPERCLIP. You’ll hear Lemnizter mentioned.

Ultimately, this is about cheap labor. They use communism as an excuse to deny basic human rights, to keep the richest rich and to steal from the rest of us.

Is it any wonder that, having brought in former nazis into the most secret of programs, that we find ourselves today approaching a fascist state? While we were using them to affect policy and opinion worldwide, they were affecting us. We have been sold out by the US and UK governments and their private partners.

And yes, 9/11 is mentioned as well.

Wherever the Facts Lead

“So far in blood that sin will pluck on sin:
Tear-falling pity dwells not in this eye.”
–Richard III

“I cannot tell you how much I f***ing hate being the bearer of bad news.”
–Me, on too many f***ing occasions

You may recall, if you can given the frequency of posts here and the many topics discussed, that I wrote of a party in August of ’12 and one that followed in September. I met a young man named James. We hit it off. I found out his last name, Holmes. I had prior to those parties written about James Eagan Holmes and his father Robert Holmes and, according to British press, his relationship to the LIBOR scandal.

What I did not mention (largely because I prefer not to discuss people still in my life, or at least not by name when it can be avoided) was that, at the party in September when things did not pan out with James, I met someone else.

We started dating soon after and were together until January 4th of this year, because, as I said, he disliked how much fun I had. I took that opportunity to allow him a dignified way out. He had become too attached. Especially given the other issues he has.

He is older than me by more than ten years. Doesn’t seem it. Despite being somewhat disabled.

Most of that stemming from injuries sustained when trying to stop a man from committing suicide by jumping off a balcony of an old local hotel, the Harrington. He is not a large man, but the man attempting to jump was. Throw in the hotel’s bouncer, and my most recent ex was injured between them. This was decades ago.

He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He is very optimistic. One of those indomitable types, who almost seem to border on the pathological when it comes to being supportive, kind, helpful, gracious, etc. Those were the main reasons I just couldn’t bring myself to dump him.

On the flip side, he reminds me of my grandmother as I’ve gotten to know him better. You may recall she suffered from some form of unidentified anemia. The strange plane trip back to Minneapolis was blogged here. Those similarities just made staying with him a bit weird.

And that same kind of illness was what caused my ex partner and I to put down our dog Cleo. That was ’09, just before things started getting started with the harassment that wound up essentially ruining my life in most ways imaginable.

At any rate, he has since calmed down and we remain friends. He has several health issues and requires help with some things which I have been glad to provide. Additionally, the State pays for someone to help him with those things, and he is happy to have me do it and get paid for it.

The clincher, understanding that this is exactly the kind of crap that our public/private intel community/monstrosity engages in, is that his first name is Ronald.

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Older gay man. Religious and engaged in community service (not a church, but somewhat related to spiritualism or religion depending on how you look at it). Somewhat closeted as well, though quite experienced.

I see this as just PSYOPS. Hoping to drive its victims to some false conclusion…or to their knees.

Does a country, or countries, who engage in this deserve allegiance? Deserve to stand? Deserve respect? Deserve any goddam thing at all?

The corporate takeover is clearly all but complete. It’s just a matter of time before there are a bunch of really smart people standing around asking, “How did this happen? Why didn’t we see it happening?”

I wish that would provide some comfort but it doesn’t.

Maybe I should have gone with, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil…” at top instead of R3. But the point is some of these people know they aren’t going to get house arrest and so there is no point in second thought. There is no point in stopping. It literally is them or us.

I have, believe me, tried to appeal to their humanity. They have none. None whatsoever. They know I wasn’t guilty of all the s*** they made up. That was just the excuse for their jarhead lackeys, their Pavlov’s Neanderthals.

Evil exists. It’s not an entity, not some supernatural being, it’s just men. And men can hang.

PSYOPS, Inc. (Updated)

Here’s WaPo’s list of US corporations engaging in psychological operations (more details on each at the link such as estimated billings and size, other services, and clients, most of whom are foreign commands):

21st Century Systems, Inc. Omaha, Nebraska

Advanced C4 Solutions, Inc. Tampa, Florida

AllSource Global Management, LLC Sierra Vista, Arizona

Archimedes Global Tampa, Florida

BAE Systems, Inc. Rockville, Maryland (British-owned, the ones who, with the help of people inside the Pentagon, tanked Purple Heart awardee Dakota Meyer while selling the Pakistani’s better rifle scopes than USMC gets)

Blackbird Technologies Herndon, Virginia

Calhoun International Tampa, Florida

Celestar Corporation Tampa, Florida

Convergent Technologies, Inc. Baltimore, Maryland

Cubic Corporation San Diego, California

Cybrix Group, Inc., The Tampa, Florida

Diligent Consulting San Antonio, Texas

Dynetics, Inc. Huntsville, Alabama

Espial Services, Inc. Pinellas Park, Florida

Fulcra Worldwide Arlington, Virginia

GAITS Alexandria, Virginia

General Dynamics Falls Church, Virginia

iBASEt Foothill Ranch, California

Innove LLC San Antonio, Texas

IO Centric Solutions, Inc. San Antonio, Texas

ITT Corporation McLean, Virginia

JB Management, Inc. Alexandria, Virginia

L-3 Communications New York, New York (1997) (Had some limited dealings with L-3, which I knew as an ISP or ISP server/backup company at the time) (UPDATE: L-3 Services, now known as Engility Holdings, along with CACI International, have been settling in Iraq for torture engaged in at Abu Ghraib; and yet we only saw Lyndie England’s photos in the paper, apart from one or two of unidentified men in black uniforms. MSM fail.)

Leonie Industries Pacific Palisades, California

ManTech International Corporation Fairfax, Virginia

McNeil Technologies Springfield, Virginia

MeriTec Services, Inc. San Antonio, Texas

Northrop Grumman Los Angeles, California (Close to Hollywood)

Omega Systems Phoenix, Arizona

S4, Inc. Burlington, Massachusetts

Silverback 7, Inc. Woodbridge, Virginia

Software Engineering Services Bellevue, Nebraska

SOS International, Ltd. Reston, Virginia

SRC, Inc. North Syracuse, New York

Synteras LLC Herndon, Virginia

The Analysis Group, LLC Falls Church, Virginia

Vykin Corporation Tampa, Florida

It’s a safe bet, in fact it is practically already public knowledge that the neocons targeted US citizens for all kinds of things. Warrantless wiretaps, for example. INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP undoubtedly has a sister operation. One that is aimed domestically. That is how you wind up with Zero Dark Thirty, for example.

We also know that Palantir, a CIA subcontractor, targeted investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald. And I know they targeted Jeremy Scahill. Was a witness to it, in fact. And then of course they tried to set me on a violent path with J being one of many they tried to aim me at.

We also know that there were PSYOPS aimed at Senators of both major parties targeted when visiting Iraq and Afghanistan. This was reported in Rolling Stone (links at right).

Both CIA and INSCOM (US Army intelligence) are on the list of clients. As previously noted, soon after the Squidgate events began, I had a visit from INSCOM (USA ISC, the initials instead of the acronym) at a new website that hadn’t even been rolled out yet. Only other visits during that period were the developers.

Seems evident.


Saw the video referenced here when it aired on CNN in late 2001. In it, OBL and the man he is speaking to also discussed a third man who was having dreams about the attacks. They said basically that if the man’s dreams had been any closer to what occurred, they would have had to shoot him.

Now I had assumed the man had heard rumors, had maybe heard one thing and it affected him unconsciously.

But what if the same voice-to-skull devices used to make it all happen in the first place. Recall “Charlie Wilson’s war” in the 80s and many energy companies and consultants in the 90s in Afghanistan. That’s opportunity.

Voice-to-skull subliminal messages:

Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of V2K is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports.

Makes a great deal of sense as to why so much effort has been put into clamping down on pretty much everything. The coverup, intended to last fifty years, doesn’t much look like it’s going to last 20.

Then there are voice synthesis devices, capable of sending the voice of God or anyone you want. Coupled with other ops, possible dissemination of drugs, you can steer most targets to the behavior you want.


The Bourne Legacy film calls it behavioral structuring. I think that is likely accurate, as is the greed behind it and the self-deluding tendency to think that somehow this actually helps the country. See also the ploys attempted, such as after the co-worker goes postal, attempting to play it off as an obsession, the limited hangout attempts, and the idea of shutting it down and starting it back up after the heat is off.

This was what happened with MKULTRA from what I can tell. Re-started in 1980, not even three years after the Senate lambasted the idea. This country is so full of s***.

Reddit (Updated)

An alleged NY EMT posted this on Reddit.

My reply. (UPDATE: And a second one).

You see, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if these assclowns actually do turn me into a psychopath. I’ll just be the psychopath who continually reveals what they are up to, their mutiny, their treason, their criminality. In essence, the bulls*** meter. Driven and free of the fetters that emotions bring. A goddam machine that does not falter, does not compromise, does not pity.

Sweet dreams, f***ers. See you there.