Nobody Upping His Worth

And another anniversary (nearly) comes and goes. This one is a bit different, though isn’t it?

Hey, you. Yes, you.

Whether or not you’ve yet realized it, you’re a liability. By now your Grandmama Ledeen has. His people have. There’s that burning question as to why things didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to. Why didn’t you finish the job? Why and how-in-the-hell am I still here, still blogging, still putting the whole house of cards in jeopardy by pointing out what your masters are up to? Is there a traitor? Someone who’s not wholly under control? Not what he seems? Has divided loyalties?

And, yes, I say ‘masters’ because, even if you haven’t realized it yet, you are a slave as well. Your party has fled parsecs away from the party of Lincoln and liberty. By now, even you realize this, have some unanswered questions, my Log Cabin cutie. A gilded cage is still a cage.

I mean it’s more than frustrating–no wonder you’re so angry underneath it all. “Why did God make me this way? Why can’t I just fit in?” Why is it when you close your eyes when you’re with Brunhilda, it’s actually Klaus’ face and body you’re thinking of? (Speaking of Eva Braun, did you really dump her a month, month and half ago? If so, are you sure it was even your idea?).

Well, I’ll tell you, mein liebchen, you’re being used. You are aware by now that this includes NDAA concentration camps and that they are reserving special seating for gays, right? That this really is about electronic and neurological slavery? That the new world that they have planned looks very little like what they are selling it as?

Tell me, between you and I right now, which of us more resembles Howard Roarke? Which of us is fighting against a broken system that quashes individuality and personal freedom, is virtually alone and which of us is part of that system, hiding behind graft, fear, intimidation, and really, murder? Which of us tried to stop things like this and which of us profitted from the same methods along side the same people who made it happen? Which of us forgot “people first”?

Yet you likely think you can turn things around. You can make things better from the inside. You’re just biding your time, it doesn’t have anything to do with deep-rooted cowardice, no. Or so you tell yourself.

What makes you think you’ll ever get the chance to change things from within? What makes you think they trust you at all? You failed. Failed to finish me off. That’s the bottom line. They will have you securely under their thumb, past the point of no return before they ever let you near the reins.

They’ve probably already convinced you that you are there, past that point, that they have enough on you to control you for good, like “Darth Cheney.”

And the fact that you, like me, are a witness to all of this, to NKINTRA. Yes, your part is small, but combined with what I’ve seen, well, it’s enough, isn’t it? Two people basically corroborating the same thing, well they can’t have that.


And so they will wonder, maybe you just weren’t properly motivated. Maybe they need to take away some of those gifts, some of those perks, some of those wonderful rewards you got for…

Well, what exactly did you accomplish? Hell, you botched it so badly, you actually saved my life. You think that’s won you any real friends?

Ultimately, it’s Washington. Get a dog. Of course they might kill your pet like they did mine, mightn’t they?

I’ll tell you how it’s going to go. You’ll start feeling ostracized. Things will happen, mysterious things. You’ll start losing everything you thought you deserved, everything you thought you worked for. Pretty soon it will dawn on you that it actually was not some form of inherent charm that got you where you are but rather voice-to-skull and helping out powerful traitors.

Yes, traitors. People who have sold this country out to non-state sponsors of terrorism. To international banks who launder drug money. Even to some that actually are, technically, states.

These are people trying to fill a bottomless pit, a black hole, where their heart should be. That’s why I know, no matter what, they will eventually lose. It’s inevitable. Just how high the body count will be by then, that’s the question.

You’ll ask them about it, those who will still talk to you, and they’ll say you’re imagining things, that everything is fine. It won’t be.

What will they suggest subliminally to make things right? How to best complete the job and prove that you are loyal to the Reich?

Ah, yes. That thing they’ve been holding in reserve. The Verne pattern.

They will make you so desperate that you’ll be ready to play Verne’s nephew. I mean they never waste an eavesdrop. March 2010. That question. Did they let you hear it? Or were you free and clear of the ops by then?

Maybe. Maybe just by stating it here, they won’t do it. It’s hard to say with Ledeen and Rove. Maybe they are feeling the heat and are backing off. Or maybe they are feeling desperate and will go for broke. You’ll be among the first to know, of that I’m certain.

This is what they do, they bang two liabilities against each other, hoping they’ll just take each other out. It’s the ultimate win-win if that works, or at least a win, no matter how it turns out. At least that is the logic.

Now knowing that I know this is possible (and also having indirectly warned other parties involved), maybe they will do the opposite. Maybe they’ll just shower you with more and more until they sit down to do the cost-benefit analysis. And you’ll know, whenever you look around at all they’ve given you, that it was purchased with the blood of dead children. If that makes it more enjoyable for you, then that may mean you are past the point of no return.

And so the punchline there is, once they pull the plug, they won’t have any intention of letting you go, of bringing you back in. Repeating Verne’s history * is a one-way ticket. Have someone else attempt it by proxy and it won’t have the same effect on me as if it’s actually you. Won’t work quite the same.

This was the purpose of the thirteen month pattern anyway. They planned it all along, at least as a contingency. They knew I would notice the pattern. Expect something in March and then the next April at estimated publishing time. It’s just a question of how desperate they are and whether or not they think you’ve been properly conditioned yet as to which and whether or not this in itself serves to dampen those plans. Whether or not they think precog means failure.

And there is the problem, isn’t it? The unknown. The variable. My head full of the stuff they filled it with remotely. Mix that with the old psych profile. Lots of stuff added via V2K. For days and days, hours and hours. Months. Years now. Brainwashing…

Versus a man I’ve actually met, who, though I don’t know all that well, I know well enough.

On its face, it’s an easy calculation for me. I know him, I don’t know you.

And clearly, the longer this goes on, the less valuable you become to them where manipulating me is concerned. Was easier to get over than I thought it would be in fact. May take a lot less time than originally estimated.

If you’d been anything like that character they had you portraying in the deli, well I think I’d know it by now. No word? Why? If you were at all what you appeared to be.

But then you were likely in disguise, wearing a rubber mask. Not so the night outside Scahill’s days later. I’ve seen your true face, Sweetie.


And I’ll know if it’s really you.

So, you can do what they want, you can ice-skate uphill. Or you can try to think of another way to finish the job.

But unless that includes you, definitely you, not another imposter, another double, it won’t matter, will it? Hiding behind other people or a mask, it’ll just be another delaying of the inevitable, another rimshot before the crescendo.

Besides, everyone wants to know which wins. Brainwashing? Or reason?

Could be I’m wrong ** about everything above but at least it’s well considered based on what I do know, and not on V2K. You should hear some of the crap they’ve tried to shovel. Watts’ son was only one of very, very many. What I am sure of, you aren’t dead. These people try to keep as many pieces on the board for as long as they can before sacrificing them, and you are clearly a playing piece. That much, no matter who you really are, is true. And they don’t let you go, not easily, not ever if they can help it.

Of course all of this is easy for me to say. I don’t expect to see the other side of this conflict, so what happens to you isn’t likely to affect me, is it? And in the unlikely event that I do survive it, I can always find someone who looks like you who isn’t a fascist sociopath.

I can live with that.

Or maybe the opposition will do it, now that they’ve read this. You won’t know for certain either way. It works like that, as you know. Sometimes they both do the same thing, move in the same direction, believing it’s in their best interests, that they can better exploit the outcome than the other side and make it appear as the work of the other side at the same time.

I mean, yes, possibly if you’d seen reason before now, you and I might have stopped, for example, that shooting referenced above. But of course our little situation is just a microcosm to the eventual multinational-backed demagogue they plan to put in place. Either side, neocon, neolib, think they’ll be better at making things work if they can just get absolute control. Otherwise, why is the power behind the Dems hiding the fact that it’s mind control devices and methods involved in all this violence, these assassinations, the attacks on whistleblowers, etc.? They want to keep it under wraps as much as the power behind the GOP because power never trusts freedom. Too bad freedom too often trusts power, and then way too much.

So it could be either or both camps involved when and if it happens to you. In any case, you’ll wonder if it’s me you have to thank for it.

Be seeing you, Tiger. I don’t know for a certainty how it’ll turn out. Neither do you, I imagine. That, at least, must excite you.

Oh. Right. Happy New Year.

* And next time you clowns want me to just read a few pages from a book’s intro, would you mind just having me do that without actually having to buy the book? Gets expensive.

** And I’ll repeat what I said before: that Brooklyn neighborhood was spook-filled three years ago. All parties involved know who you are. If I’m wrong about what you are, then at least, should you read this, you’ll know what one of their game plans is. Keep your cool. Don’t grab a gun no matter how many times you hear it, no matter how many people suggest that you do so. It’s just one step closer to where they want you. Three years? Of course they’ve been working on you via V2K no matter what you are. Preposterous to think otherwise. The only questions, how effective has it been and what is the general direction they are pushing you in? And will you be able to resist? For how long if this is allowed to continue?

PS: You should hear the V2K bulls*** just typing this up prompted. There must be something in here that someone doesn’t like. If there’s one thing more satisfying than revealing what they’ve already done, it’s throwing their plans out of whack.

That, as much as anything else, made me decide not to wait until the 3rd to post this. But I’m sure Thursday will be entertaining.


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