Jerkin’ Overtime

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.”

Wow. The evil clowns were busy, folks.

From late on 12/21/12 until late 1/1/13 I was assigned to a different work site, the one where the gas problems were happening.

At my normal work site, during my absence, there were several break-ins and thefts. Though I don’t have all of the details, I have enough to know that one of the windows of opportunity occurred while I was not working at all (my only witness to my whereabouts, my recent ex * ) and another encompassed the shift of the Squidgate juror’s older son. There may have been a third or more windows of theft. As I said, I don’t have all the details as the investigation has already (today, Saturday, being my first day back at the regular site) gone well above my head. It appears at this juncture that either the Squidgate juror’s son or he and I both are being set up. (I have not yet spoken to him. I don’t think he did it, but those pesky subliminal audio suggestions being what they are and oh-so-much more common than probably even those in the know think, it’s not impossible).

If so, gee, I hope nothing awful happens to me while I’m in jail.

Car accident, natural gas issues, and now break-ins/thefts. All so quickly on the heels of each other. All confirmable.

This reminds me of October 2009 when my local comic store was broken into and they left of copy of issue #1 of We Were the Freedom Federation on top of the mess they left, a week or two before Amy Goodman’s detainment by the Canadians and five to six weeks before the Squidgate events on the bridge. This was one of the reasons why it had to be planned, had to be connected. Too ridiculous to think otherwise.

I’m not at all clear on the message, unless it’s “We can do anything we want and you can’t stop us.”

We’ll see, traitors, we’ll see.

* Details of the best-goddam-birthday-celebration-evar may come once the alcohol-induced fuzziness fades and I figure out how to describe it adequately. Suffice it to say for now that too much fun lead to the end of the relationship. Also, best lap-dances ever.

There was also some puppet theater with a huge argument between another couple (whose third anniversary just passed on the 1st).


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