Lies and Propaganda

This is one of those “oh” moments. You hear something, confirm that it is true, but without the details it tells an entirely different story.

The basics: auto workers, when they are laid off, get paid 95% of what they make when they are working 40 hours.

Sounds f***ing ridiculous, doesn’t it? “No wonder the US auto industry is broke,” one would think. Right?

Wrong. The way it works is as follows:

1) The money making up that “95%” comes from two sources.

A) A fund;
B) The usual state unemployment insurance that we all pay into and get when laid off.

2) The (1A) fund comes from sort of turning down a raise. Rather than taking more money home, workers, for example, donate $2 per week to the fund, pay taxes on it as though it is income.

3) When they draw on it, they are not obviously getting the full 95% but rather the difference between UI and 95%. This is money that the workers themselves accrued into the fund and does not (except for the UI deductible that all employers pay) cost the manufacturer a dime.

Because the auto industry was at one time booming, that fund got rather large and easily held together during some slow periods. Now, of course, things have changed.

I think it was Saturday’s USA Weekend Magazine insert that discussed seven or so new features that future cars will have.

That’s what should have happened. We should have new cars that are what the iPhone was to cellphones. Front and rear collision warning systems, unusual customizable interiors, better sound systems, etc.

Instead we got s***. We got OPERATION NORTHWOODS 2.0 so a bunch of spooks could join the ranks of assholes who profit off of war. We got INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP. We got torture and a new Hollywood that loves it (despite the fact that it is not a reliable means of extracting useful information). We got human experimentation so fascist s***heads can eventually figure out how to pay nothing at all for labor. We are working toward a new era of slavery that won’t care anything about skin color, just whether or not you are Master or Slave. We got unending war. We got a government and its private sector partners who engage in every horrific, violent, sick action imaginable (and then some) who on the other hand blame video games because they sure as f*** won’t look in the mirror. We got active drowning of the truth in giant vats of bulls*** that should wake up even the dullest among us. We have bully glorification at the highest levels, coming from all sides, and we wonder why we have a problem in schools. We have a lawless, oppressive, paranoid, and mentally disturbed set of policies that cannot be countered by the Bill of Rights because that is precisely what is being targeted. We got sold out to multinational corporations who don’t care about the unemployment rate here, who don’t care if buildings get blown up by groups they do business with, and they have enough of our politicians in their pockets that it’s laughable to think voting–even without all the illegal activities that surround our so-called freedom to vote–would or could fix it. We have institutions, three major ones, all of whom should have been the ones to prevent 9/11 who all had a role in not only not stopping it but in allowing it to happen. Three of them, all criminally negligent, some individuals even worse than that, who, rather than take actions to prevent it from happening again, chose instead to profit off of it as individuals and new start-ups. And they get glorified for it regularly.

Unless of course you tell the truth. In that case, you are the problem, go directly to jail, do not pass Go.

If you can’t see how upside-down and backwards it all is, you aren’t paying attention. There is no, will never be a, glorious new economy as long as this place is run by criminals.

Pop that bubble.


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