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Multiple little updates, most unrelated to each other. You’ve been warned.

Finally decided on the reason that the Squidgate juror’s family was targeted. Her husband, a native American and 17-year US Army vet (I may have said 20 sometime before; 17 is accurate) is considered, much as a black belt would be, a weapon. Pushing him to an extreme (as the US government and/or its private sector partners did Lloyd Woodson) would further spread fear, give someone an excuse to get more security contracts (as Thomas Drake has said his former co-workers at NSA did, created the “boogeyman”), and strike at people at the near poverty level at the same time. This was before the events on the Blue Water bridge. Squidgate, rather than only being an attack on various people, served to bring several victims of Executive power abuse together. The recent car accident near the only local gay bar is similar to the hit-and-runs against my son and the Squidgate juror’s youngest son in that it was a young, distracted driver. Then, of course, there was the Great Were-Coyote Robbery exactly one year less a day after the bridge incident. Ridiculous to think it random.

And of course our government would rather fight endless symptoms than have to take on the root cause within.

In other news, I watched Gamer last week. An excellent film as far as modern action films go, and in my opinion an excellent examination of societal psychology. The musical number toward the end is inspired, and you don’t see those kinds of scenes often anymore. Brilliant.

Of course while I was watching the film, elsewhere, a friend of mine found an empty vodka pint sitting near his gas tank. He had not seen the film nor known I had watched it. This was the first thing he said to me when we got together after a week or more apart.

And that’s the kind of silly PSYOP I refer to as having come from psychopathic sixth-graders. It’s childish.

And the sort of thing that merely mentioning makes me seem less sane. Screw that. That is part of the point. The rest being to show how impotent or criminal our current administration is to stop this kind of nonsense even on US soil.

There is more hilarity ensuing, but for now I’m keeping that between me and the paranoiacs in government.

On the film watchlist, Law Abiding Citizen (continuing the Butler trend; love his work except for the necocon message of 300, an otherwise beautiful film) and The Bourne Legacy.

Now, if you want to get an idea of what a neoliberal dystopia would look like, see Equilibrium. An all star cast, never heard of it. It’s a riff on the Star Trek Vulcan history (and Bakker and Watts subplots). After WWIII, the survivors decide that emotion is the enemy, and so everyone is made to take anti-feeling drugs. Art, music, and things like video games (hello?) are forbidden. But it’s neoliberal. For a neocon dystopia, see V for Vendetta. Hokey religious radicalism is not necessary to kill liberty, it’s just one tool.

That’s the function of science fiction, you see. To run emulations of systems without having to actually live through them, to learn the hard way. And yet it is clear that we are going to have to because such considerations are always trumped by the selfishness of the powerful. Corporations aren’t people, my friend, they are numbers. And that is what every government cares about: fooling enough, only serving the ones who get them re-elected and provide favors. Screw the rest, especially the 1s with flesh, blood and bone.

It’s odd. I am the most adaptable person I know, but I cannot abide fascism in any form. Don’t know why that is.

Until next time…


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