Dear Abby

Dear Abby,

I suppose I could complain about the interminable electronic harassment. It not only pervades some portion of my waking hours, but I now have the third confirmation of nightmares in which I am screaming. Last night included, I am told, “Leave me alone!”, which is not at all surprising except for the part where some stubborn part of me continues to think there is any chance of that happening. I never seem to recall these nightmares at all. When I was first told about them, I thought that it was simply “phantom sound” being projected. The way I feel today, I think it more likely true.

But this is just an example of the larger problem. Stopping this sort of thing, even (or especially?) when it comes from some part of the Federal government, should be the job of the FBI or Homeland Security to stop. Yet, they seem to be thugs in the service of multinational corporations who have sold this country out to their own bottom lines and subservient to parts of the incredibly corrupt Department of Defense and its appendage (or is it the other way around?) the military industrial complex. Apparently they have no significant oversight whatsoever.

Moreover, the very entities that could and should have prevented 9/11 not only failed to do so, but seem to be punishing the American people for their own criminal negligence. It’s all so backwards. FBI could have investigated those pilots, for example. Now, they go after war protesters and harangue people into agreeing to terror attacks that their own informants plan and provide material support for. CIA, who clearly knew the date because one of their own officer’s former trading company shortsold airline stock that day, instead tortures people in order to make s*** up and keep the whole War on Terror cash cow mooing. NSA who had the Al Qaeda communications in its hands failed to warn anyone and instead made the largest outsourcing of intelligence in history, and several of its own officers profited from starting their own companies, much of it aimed at “protecting” corporations from innocent Americans they continually try to provoke to violence via PSYOPs and other techniques. It’s like they all failed miserably and rather than fix that decided to just make things worse. It’s like they all went insane. (Which, if individuals have been suffering from the same kind of harassment I have, makes some sense).

And yet Congress does nothing. These people regularly break the law and it gets wholly overlooked.

All of these people took oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States and yet they do the opposite, continually selling us out to the very powers who profit off of foreign outsourcing, tax fraud, terrorism, war, and even the international drug trade.

I’ve never seen so much treason all at once. I don’t think the world has. Would there be enough rope? And I haven’t even touched in this letter the assassination programs.

And yet the progressive media in this country acts like a dog, easily distracted whenever some powerful entity throws a bit of meat in another direction. They jump on it, continue to think in the old ways, never changing, doing precisely what their opponents expect.

Take for example, some people who certainly should know better. It’s not so much the British people fear as it is any oppressor. Taking away right to bear arms over the fact that slave owners got it ratified only serves to put more power into the hands of a corrupt government and its multinational puppetmasters. And yet, here the so-called defenders of liberty are calling to do just that.

Rather than go after those who run NKINTRA, the disease, they go after the victims of the program, the symptoms. Now, I don’t think that guns are the answer to our problems, but taking them away is an answer to the criminals’ problems. A subtle but important difference.

And so, once again, they (FBI? or someone posing as them?) seem to be trying to drive me toward the Militia. They did this not long after my first meeting with them in Minneapolis. It was odd how I had planned to change a story I was writing (after all this nonsense started) to have a main character hiding out with them. And suddenly people like OFA’s David suggest going upstate MN where I had just heard the day before is where such people reside. Overall, it’s an attempt to get me to Darwin award myself out of existence. Failing that, they would at least at last actually be able to associate my name with some group they have been watching without just having to make s*** up as they have been doing for some time.

What they perhaps don’t realize that I have realized is that, like mixing the Unabomber with Pont-St.-Esprit, the Militia is their doing as well. It serves as a boogeyman to scare politicians and the rest of us into handing over our rights to the Department of Defense. They took the MKULTRA/Manchurian candidate stuff they used on Kaczynski and the LSD or whatever experiments they used on a French town and made the Militia. It’s true. Same way that the bombing of the Federal building, the Amerithrax attacks, and 9/11 itself were all false-flag attacks.

Funny, my friend Mayur’s girlfriend at the time that the Squidgate nonsense started, she said she had a militia uncle who believed his daughter’s child was the second coming. This falls right into the kind of crazy crap these people spread via V2K.

I’m at my wit’s end, Abby. Any useful advice?

Dear Wit’s End,

That’s quite the lengthy letter. I kind of wish I didn’t know all of that. Could be I’d be murdered.

With regards to the nightmares, you need to be careful. Long enough with that happening and they are liable to drive you to psychopathy.

Hm. Well, on the face of it, it seems pretty hopeless. Have you considered emigrating to Canada?

Well, that about f***s it, doesn’t it?


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