PSYOPS, Inc. (Updated)

Here’s WaPo’s list of US corporations engaging in psychological operations (more details on each at the link such as estimated billings and size, other services, and clients, most of whom are foreign commands):

21st Century Systems, Inc. Omaha, Nebraska

Advanced C4 Solutions, Inc. Tampa, Florida

AllSource Global Management, LLC Sierra Vista, Arizona

Archimedes Global Tampa, Florida

BAE Systems, Inc. Rockville, Maryland (British-owned, the ones who, with the help of people inside the Pentagon, tanked Purple Heart awardee Dakota Meyer while selling the Pakistani’s better rifle scopes than USMC gets)

Blackbird Technologies Herndon, Virginia

Calhoun International Tampa, Florida

Celestar Corporation Tampa, Florida

Convergent Technologies, Inc. Baltimore, Maryland

Cubic Corporation San Diego, California

Cybrix Group, Inc., The Tampa, Florida

Diligent Consulting San Antonio, Texas

Dynetics, Inc. Huntsville, Alabama

Espial Services, Inc. Pinellas Park, Florida

Fulcra Worldwide Arlington, Virginia

GAITS Alexandria, Virginia

General Dynamics Falls Church, Virginia

iBASEt Foothill Ranch, California

Innove LLC San Antonio, Texas

IO Centric Solutions, Inc. San Antonio, Texas

ITT Corporation McLean, Virginia

JB Management, Inc. Alexandria, Virginia

L-3 Communications New York, New York (1997) (Had some limited dealings with L-3, which I knew as an ISP or ISP server/backup company at the time) (UPDATE: L-3 Services, now known as Engility Holdings, along with CACI International, have been settling in Iraq for torture engaged in at Abu Ghraib; and yet we only saw Lyndie England’s photos in the paper, apart from one or two of unidentified men in black uniforms. MSM fail.)

Leonie Industries Pacific Palisades, California

ManTech International Corporation Fairfax, Virginia

McNeil Technologies Springfield, Virginia

MeriTec Services, Inc. San Antonio, Texas

Northrop Grumman Los Angeles, California (Close to Hollywood)

Omega Systems Phoenix, Arizona

S4, Inc. Burlington, Massachusetts

Silverback 7, Inc. Woodbridge, Virginia

Software Engineering Services Bellevue, Nebraska

SOS International, Ltd. Reston, Virginia

SRC, Inc. North Syracuse, New York

Synteras LLC Herndon, Virginia

The Analysis Group, LLC Falls Church, Virginia

Vykin Corporation Tampa, Florida

It’s a safe bet, in fact it is practically already public knowledge that the neocons targeted US citizens for all kinds of things. Warrantless wiretaps, for example. INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP undoubtedly has a sister operation. One that is aimed domestically. That is how you wind up with Zero Dark Thirty, for example.

We also know that Palantir, a CIA subcontractor, targeted investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald. And I know they targeted Jeremy Scahill. Was a witness to it, in fact. And then of course they tried to set me on a violent path with J being one of many they tried to aim me at.

We also know that there were PSYOPS aimed at Senators of both major parties targeted when visiting Iraq and Afghanistan. This was reported in Rolling Stone (links at right).

Both CIA and INSCOM (US Army intelligence) are on the list of clients. As previously noted, soon after the Squidgate events began, I had a visit from INSCOM (USA ISC, the initials instead of the acronym) at a new website that hadn’t even been rolled out yet. Only other visits during that period were the developers.

Seems evident.


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