Saw the video referenced here when it aired on CNN in late 2001. In it, OBL and the man he is speaking to also discussed a third man who was having dreams about the attacks. They said basically that if the man’s dreams had been any closer to what occurred, they would have had to shoot him.

Now I had assumed the man had heard rumors, had maybe heard one thing and it affected him unconsciously.

But what if the same voice-to-skull devices used to make it all happen in the first place. Recall “Charlie Wilson’s war” in the 80s and many energy companies and consultants in the 90s in Afghanistan. That’s opportunity.

Voice-to-skull subliminal messages:

Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of V2K is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports.

Makes a great deal of sense as to why so much effort has been put into clamping down on pretty much everything. The coverup, intended to last fifty years, doesn’t much look like it’s going to last 20.

Then there are voice synthesis devices, capable of sending the voice of God or anyone you want. Coupled with other ops, possible dissemination of drugs, you can steer most targets to the behavior you want.


The Bourne Legacy film calls it behavioral structuring. I think that is likely accurate, as is the greed behind it and the self-deluding tendency to think that somehow this actually helps the country. See also the ploys attempted, such as after the co-worker goes postal, attempting to play it off as an obsession, the limited hangout attempts, and the idea of shutting it down and starting it back up after the heat is off.

This was what happened with MKULTRA from what I can tell. Re-started in 1980, not even three years after the Senate lambasted the idea. This country is so full of s***.


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