Wherever the Facts Lead

“So far in blood that sin will pluck on sin:
Tear-falling pity dwells not in this eye.”
–Richard III

“I cannot tell you how much I f***ing hate being the bearer of bad news.”
–Me, on too many f***ing occasions

You may recall, if you can given the frequency of posts here and the many topics discussed, that I wrote of a party in August of ’12 and one that followed in September. I met a young man named James. We hit it off. I found out his last name, Holmes. I had prior to those parties written about James Eagan Holmes and his father Robert Holmes and, according to British press, his relationship to the LIBOR scandal.

What I did not mention (largely because I prefer not to discuss people still in my life, or at least not by name when it can be avoided) was that, at the party in September when things did not pan out with James, I met someone else.

We started dating soon after and were together until January 4th of this year, because, as I said, he disliked how much fun I had. I took that opportunity to allow him a dignified way out. He had become too attached. Especially given the other issues he has.

He is older than me by more than ten years. Doesn’t seem it. Despite being somewhat disabled.

Most of that stemming from injuries sustained when trying to stop a man from committing suicide by jumping off a balcony of an old local hotel, the Harrington. He is not a large man, but the man attempting to jump was. Throw in the hotel’s bouncer, and my most recent ex was injured between them. This was decades ago.

He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He is very optimistic. One of those indomitable types, who almost seem to border on the pathological when it comes to being supportive, kind, helpful, gracious, etc. Those were the main reasons I just couldn’t bring myself to dump him.

On the flip side, he reminds me of my grandmother as I’ve gotten to know him better. You may recall she suffered from some form of unidentified anemia. The strange plane trip back to Minneapolis was blogged here. Those similarities just made staying with him a bit weird.

And that same kind of illness was what caused my ex partner and I to put down our dog Cleo. That was ’09, just before things started getting started with the harassment that wound up essentially ruining my life in most ways imaginable.

At any rate, he has since calmed down and we remain friends. He has several health issues and requires help with some things which I have been glad to provide. Additionally, the State pays for someone to help him with those things, and he is happy to have me do it and get paid for it.

The clincher, understanding that this is exactly the kind of crap that our public/private intel community/monstrosity engages in, is that his first name is Ronald.

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Older gay man. Religious and engaged in community service (not a church, but somewhat related to spiritualism or religion depending on how you look at it). Somewhat closeted as well, though quite experienced.

I see this as just PSYOPS. Hoping to drive its victims to some false conclusion…or to their knees.

Does a country, or countries, who engage in this deserve allegiance? Deserve to stand? Deserve respect? Deserve any goddam thing at all?

The corporate takeover is clearly all but complete. It’s just a matter of time before there are a bunch of really smart people standing around asking, “How did this happen? Why didn’t we see it happening?”

I wish that would provide some comfort but it doesn’t.

Maybe I should have gone with, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil…” at top instead of R3. But the point is some of these people know they aren’t going to get house arrest and so there is no point in second thought. There is no point in stopping. It literally is them or us.

I have, believe me, tried to appeal to their humanity. They have none. None whatsoever. They know I wasn’t guilty of all the s*** they made up. That was just the excuse for their jarhead lackeys, their Pavlov’s Neanderthals.

Evil exists. It’s not an entity, not some supernatural being, it’s just men. And men can hang.


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