Right. More stuff locally.

The other night (Friday or Saturday, I think) all around the same time, Ron (Michigander Ron) had a visit from a heroin addict of his sister’s acquaintance (the same sister who threw him out despite losing his income to help her pay the bills you may recall), another man in the same twenty or so unit apartment building had a heart attack, and a young woman attempted suicide. All of those things can be accomplished via so-called non-lethal weapons as I have covered here ad nauseum. He is also having health issues.

Additionally, the Squidgate juror’s eldest son’s girlfriend passed out at work yesterday and hit her head on the cement floor. She seems to have recovered. I also covered that one, one way to accomplish that, a few times. There is a health explanation, so I can’t be certain.

That’s most of it if I ignore the craziness happening to various acquaintances as well. Co-worker’s sister beat the s*** out of his wife. A couple I know have been having problems after three happy years and the trouble began during my birthday celebration earlier this month, just days after their third anniversary. Another co-worker, and something of a conspiracy theorist, out for over a week with pneumonia.

It appears, were I to pay full attention, that all hell is breaking loose.

But then I’m razor- laser-focused on the nazis responsible and the methods used. Water off a duck’s back.

GLADIO and V2K: a match made in Hell.


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