Anatomy of a Totalitarian State

First, as order of business, the flat tire:


Next, too many to pick just one, see the articles under National Newsworthy. Much to do with silencing whistleblowers.

There can, ultimately, be no other motive for all of this than population reduction. The world’s elite, deciding they like things the way they’ve been for the past hundred years or so, don’t want to have to deal with solving problems like having to feed masses who might come to demand food and succeed in their request given vast superior numbers. World’s population doubles every ten years. Tell me what is being done to deal with it if my analysis is wrong.

Though I certainly do think that seizing arable, hunting, farming, and fishing land is on the menu. Guaranteed, when they really let fly that native reservations will be invaded. Most likely false-flagged justifications, if those will even be required at that point. But that will be in addition to thinning the herd, not in place of it. Same with aforeblogged African terror groups undoubtedly run by NATO.

Speaking of which, yes, I’m now willing to jump over to the conclusion that Wikileaks and Anonymous are also. (See the FireDogLake sequester post at the link). The only reason for their existence is to crack down on the Internet. No other reason for it (apart from trying to paint gay military members as traitorous as a group in order to put that group on the list of those to be placed in unlawful military prisons like Japanese during WWII… Or is that gays, Jews, gypsies, etc.?).

It’s all puppet theater. Like GLADIO A and B, C is about controlling legislation, public opinion, and most importantly the overall narrative.

I’ve been meaning to discuss more specifics about the mind games, the PSYOPS, how they work, etc. but interruptions, interruptions. It boils down to, as Kurzweil pointed out in his recent book, that we humans are good at pattern matching because that’s what we developed an ability to do. Part game is to present phony patterns in order to lead one to false conclusions.

It’s not that that has not happened to me, it clearly at times has. But if one what was said in one V2K session is true, it seems I’m better at separating the phony patterns from the real ones.

We, in part, on the higher levels, think in abstractions. We apply one situation to another. So, they try to point you to false narratives as explanation. The key, I think, is running it past as many of the facts as you can and see if it stands up. This was one of the problems early on, that I could not find an explanation, a “string theory” that made sense of everything that happened (even then recognizing that some of it occurred specifically in order to confuse, obfuscate).

GLADIO helps to explain it. Certainly there are people who are sincere in the federal government, who have bought the same deluge of lies the rest of us have.

Call it what you want. Mind control. Behavioral modification or structuring. It works. I don’t want to overstate how well but don’t want to understate it either. As long as they can convince you that your proposed actions make sense, have a sound reason for doing it (recognizing that some of the conditioning and drugging is done for the purpose of expanding those range of acceptable actions), they can get you to do it without ever realizing there was any outside interference at all. That’s the bottom line.

As long as this remains untouched (and with the war on whistleblowers, it likely will), there’s a dark future ahead.

A mini devil’s advocate discussion begins with asking, what are the alternatives? There are several problems with that. First, the actions taken (apart from the eventual reduction in demand via having people kill each other en masse) actually exacerbate the problem. Military action accelerates climate change, increases debt, sucks away funding for constructive research. Second, if these people actually believed the philosophies of their faiths, then they would also believe that they would need to try.

I’ll give a local example. It’s just a rumor, but find another way to explain it.

Michigan’s last Winter was the wettest in recorded history. More accumulation than any year known.

And yet the water levels are among the lowest recorded. NOAA man even told me, he had been up-river measuring.

How is that possible? The rumor is that there are tankers sucking up the water and shipping it to China in order to pay down a small portion of the debt we owe them. A small portion…a lot of water if it lowers the measured depth.

So, military action (and the bloated security infrastructure) is also forcing us to give over our water supply.

And then there’s the increasing of hostilities by killing of innocent bystanders causing us to spend more to counter it. Terrorism has increased since 2001, not decreased. We are actually less safe even without the war on US citizens.

None of the arguments, apart from having the gun held to our collective heads, make sense, hold up to scrutiny, but always seem to enrich and empower the defense industry and some top brass. This leads to the question as to whether the decision was actually fact-based at all.

That is all.

26 February, 2013 14:30

Aaand… a flat tire. Photo at 11 (more likely tomorrow).

New Fic, etc.

New Infernis chapter over here. (Needs work, but I’m busy).

Was originally going to be a goose, but the ability to alter devices to keep them away from airports over to directing them in the air seems a bit beyond the ability of those who are on the chopping block. Believe it or not, I got the idea for the chapter several days ago, before I found out that personal ownership of remote controlled flying devices may be illegal for those who are not the federal government or their select corporate partners in some states.

In other news, did I mention that NATO is running most terror organizations? And likely the mob as well.

I’ve been trying to think of a name for this overall beast. How about NATO And Mercenaries, Bureaucrats, Legislators, Agents? Yes, that’s it: NAMBLA. (Hi, Nancy!).

23 February, 2013 07:45 (Updated)

Whitey Bulger, FBI most wanted after OBL, subject of CIA LSD program. Snake eats tail.

THE BLACK BOOT DIARIES – Well, That’s Original



That green stuff (if in fact it reads as green stuff on the photo) is brake fluid. New brake fluid, the addition of which was prompted by the light you see in the top photo.

Of course all of this, the stuff for the past week or so is just to distract from the fact that NATO is running terror cells, PSYOPs, black ops, etc. in North America. Which is why I keep mentioning it.

God, I Hate MI6

No, really. The Geek Interpreter.

A Scandal in Belgravia, the episode in which this blog entry made it’s appearance, aired January 1, 2012 in the UK. I saw it only a few nights ago.

It also contains elements of plan B for OPERATION NORTHWOODS, the use of corpses instead of the original live US college students for crashing a plane and blaming it on Cuba. As well references to The Coventry bit from WWII which I mentioned a few times in reference to my general purpose as unpaid CIA ragdoll for over two decades. That is, some folks were spying on various parties and I was kept nearby as convenient scapegoat. The alleged allowing of the bombing by the Germans was for similar purposes: to avoid exposing the real source of the information.

And catch the only reply dear Sherlock gives Irene Adler via text despite her dozens of them to him. Hysterical.

(Hm. Text. That sounds a familiar meme as well. Early on in Squidgate at Pete’s blog, IIRC).

By the way, The Hounds of Baskerville episode contains a bit about mind control experiments. Oops, spoiler. You’d think with all this attention to drugs used to invoke violence (the other source being the shooting scene in The Bourne Legacy) that there’d be at least one story on it MSM-wise, but none I’ve seen.

Great show, though. Apart from the fact that Moriarty is both clearly supposed to be gay despite saying he isn’t (just as Goldfinger had to be Jewish) and (like Bardem’s villain in Skyfall) a bit of Julian Assange at the same time. Yeah, like when NATO runs terror cells in North America, our biggest problem is Wikileaks. (That’s sarcasm).

Now, don’t I look crazy just having brought it all up? <–The point.

Will try to get back on topic tomorrow or the next day. Something to do with how PSYOPS work most likely and the only conceivable purpose(s) for running them domestically: GLADIO C.

Speaking of GLADIO, Part 3 – GLADIO B and the Hood Event.

15 February, 2013 16:42

Correction. Car photo in previous post was September of ’11. See Facebook feed for the 1st.