Regarding Mike “Tank”, previous post, autopsy shows he should be alive. Still awaiting toxicology report (and in any case, one can assume that the cover-up machine is at work by now). He goes in the ground tomorrow.

Car trouble, a familiar psychological harassment theme, has risen its financially-consuming head once again. I assume that there is some limit on how much money I’m actually allowed to accumulate here in Das Mutterland.

You can hear whistleblower and former FBI translator Sibel Edmond’s initial interview regarding GLADIO here. It’s quite enlightening. The Turkey (doorway between drugs and the West) and Belgium (home of NATO) connections to this whole international mess is mentioned. Sounds as though there may be a follow-up.

You should check out BoilingFrogsPost in general, actually. All sorts of interesting stuff there, including the Canadian version of, I guess, the US Chamber of Commerce and a video on GLADIO.

Additional note, neocon grandmama Michael Ledeen (AKA Rove’s brain, at the center of the Iran-Contra scandal–hilariously the reason I stopped being a Republican in the 80s, and number one suspect in the creation and dissemination of the Niger forgery which got us into Iraq under false pretenses) has connections to P2, a GLADIO hotbed.


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