The Psychology of PSYOPettes

Many of them, sadly, are likely frustrated homosexuals. It gives me no pleasure to point that out except to say that if they just let their hair down once in a while, they’d probably be a lot less the spiteful, childish little pricks that they are.

Others are likely pedophiles. I hate to even mention these two things in the same post, but this is another thing that their superiors likely use to great effect in manipulating them, making them fearful, and keeping them under control.

Likewise, these are mostly the types who could not otherwise excel in the military. If they could have, they would have become Rangers or Seals, but they just could not cut it. Another reason for their frustration which they attempt to take out on others. Feelings of guilt and inadequacy drive them to lash out.

And then you have the non-military “brains” of these operations. They most likely got into psychology in the first place because they realized that they had emotional issues, were sociopaths, and decided at an early age to learn as much about the human mind as possible in order to take advantage of the “weaknesses” that their fellow humans have that they do not. If they could (and some have and will) they would become CEOs of their own companies and do well financially while wreaking havoc on the communities in which they set up shop and the country in which they reside as a whole. They would continue to do the bidding of their old employers while doing so.

That’s essentially it. The broken attempting to fix themselves through the torture and humiliation of others and the simple mercenary act of profiting off of it.

We only need PSYOPs when the truth doesn’t present a decent argument anyway. Overall, I don’t see that they serve any useful purpose.


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