Mission: Imbroglio

Been watching this old TV show season 2. Some really surprising and hilarious stuff given it aired in 1967, five years before the Church hearings and ten before the MK/Ultra hearings in the Senate.

For example, the mainstay of the show, Martin Landau’s/Rollin Hand’s primary skill, is disguise. I talked about doppelgangers before.

But then, in “The Counterfeiter” (about making fake pills and selling them as popular pharma, not about making fake money), there is an ultrasound weapon capable of causing dizziness, headaches, and faking the general symptoms of high blood pressure (which was what my former boss had, or thought he had, and when he started with the unbelievable-for-him rage, I was concerned about him dying).

The main point, however, is how they always seem to be trying to accomplish the opposite of what their realworld counterparts do.

Trying to topple a dictatorship in favor of democracy? Not the US and UK. Dictators are more friendly to those multinational corporations that our defense and intel complexes are in the pockets of.

Trying to stem the flow of heroin? No. Listen again to Part One of the Corbett Edmond’s interview on GLADIO B. (And here is now Part Two by the way).

Trying to stop a radical right party resembling neonazis? Not our governments. If you are an actual nazi, then you are not reverent of individual liberties and are therefore in the clear. The wealthy like unquestioning, obedient, sheeplike people capable of giving all their money to those who need it least and then turning on each other out of frustration. It’s 1938 all over again.

There is even a fake earthquake and a phony nuclear scorched earth op.

The secondary point is it looks like the idea guys either watched the show or had a hand in its making. Really, a silly number of things that today’s government acts as though are secret were on TV before some of you were even born.

And over-the-top propaganda that paints a picture the opposite of the truth. No wonder these people are so sad, depressed, envious, frustrated. Some got in it to do good and found they are slaves to doing bad. I don’t envy them.

Check it out at your local library, Netflicks, whathaveyou.


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