“I’m sorry, but I’m just not feeling very intimidated.”


Before I launch into trying to recall all of the things that interfered with composing the previous post, I’d like to offer some thanks.

I lost track how many days. Probably three or four. Drugged again (and anytime I use the word drugged, I essentially mean some external method of altering mood or perception which may include some kind of electronic stimulus).

It was odd. Essentially adrenaline running high pretty much all day. It did have some effect on sleep I imagine, but I didn’t much notice. And without really much going on other than what I’ve mentioned or referred to, it really didn’t have any other cause. Despite the rush, there did not come some flood of thoughts that attempted to explain its presence.

Now, try to imagine that. I’m essentially talking about the physiological sensation of fear or dread without the typically associated alterations in thought and perception. The feeling of fear without everything else that fear is.

While I hate having to even suggest that Nancy (my nickname for the PSYOP personnel who have little better to do that harass me) is capable of doing anything remotely positive, I have to give it up in this case. Overcoming fear on a level I didn’t even imagine possible. Nancy, I couldn’t have done it without you. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t just have been easier for you and the previous ones I’ve dealt with to just let me read the manuals and attend the training classes. It seems such a waste essentially doing the same things over and over, but then preventing waste isn’t your thing, is it? Note that it did remind me that I need to get to the gym, but what with the starter getting replaced *, the brake lines, someone letting all the air out of a tire, and now some other vehicle malfunction it’s difficult to plan one’s day.

Right. Interruptions.

This kind of thing happened right at the beginning of the Squidgate nonsense. While I still don’t have a firm explanation as to precisely how it’s done, I have some ideas.

For example, right after writing a representative asking or detailing one thing or another, usually within minutes, there would be a phonecall. At home, on the cell, didn’t matter. Sometimes it would be some political organization (which I thought might make sense, send a letter to your senator and the DSCC would ask for money, perhaps the systems were linked). Other times it might be a hangup or a wrong number call.

But then other times it would be someone I know who suddenly got the urge to call about something. This has happened more often in the past few years than the other options.

Sometimes it’s not even a phonecall, it’s sitting quietly for several hours composing on the mobile (which has on occasion done a few things all on its own…deleted sentences and paragraphs as though the delete key were stuck, switched to songs that aren’t on the current playlist, and probably more that I don’t recall) and those same people who merely nodded and grunted at you earlier, had nothing much to say, suddenly feel the need to tell you their life story…and someone else’s in case that doesn’t take long enough. And then they get mildly hostile when you refuse to stop typing during the chatter.

Clearly voice-to-skull or similar tech in these latter cases. Some similar uses, several people in the room you just entered saying at once “He’s not coming” (you may have to use the blog’s search function for the significance of that one) and then laughing because, hey, it’s a punchline on the show they are watching and they’ve seen it before. Similarly, you walk in and the show they are watching is paused, with the closed captions on and on the way out you read “–a psychotic break” and on the way back through a short time later it’s “It’s your funeral.” Of course getting me to see those things, the timing of wanting to walk by at those moments, also V2K.

These kinds of things didn’t much rate high on the OMG scale which is why I hadn’t bothered to detail them here previously. It’s so obvious that I feel it redundant to even point out. But one does get new readers, I suppose who might have missed previous similar posts.

But they are similar to what happened when I was composing that post. Sort of.

First, being a slow Saturday, there was not much to do at work. But then, as I began, there was not one but two phone calls from the same young lady trying to get in touch with her father. Then the father came to my office. She had just flipped her car (in a place close to my other work location).

Okay. He’s off to see her. She is joining the USMC ** the next day, she’s okay, he’s going to see the car damage and to see that she’s fine in person.

Back to writing. But not for long.

Another co-worker comes to the office. He’s expecting a phonecall from the locals because his former tenant, a man, left behind several boxes of belongings of a young lady. Apparently both are into some health-risky pass-times so he’s concerned that she might be dead and he is fleeing. He wants to know if she’s a missing person or not so he can toss her stuff if it isn’t going to evidence. This required I’d say half an hour of details that I, not being the police, didn’t really need to know. And it was followed by some other unrelated stuff, related to the Squidgate juror and her elder son.

(This latter was supposed to, I guess, throw me off balance. In fact, I’d been expecting something like this for months. See, Nancy? Most of the time you suck, are predictable, and overall just ineffective.)

And then the mandatory Michigander Ron call. And there was more, albeit less dramatic.

(And, by the way, a third co-worker told me at the next shift that his daughter had a seizure of some kind at a local grocery store while selling Girl Scout cookies. She had never had seizures before. So, I think there’s supposed to be more to the purpose than interrupting me, but I’m apparently too thick to “get” what the PSYOPS team wants me to get. Is this indicative of what’s happening everywhere, or are they attempting one of those false pattern things I talked about some posts down? Don’t know. What am I supposed to do, exactly, Nancy? Jump up and down? Call the marines? Panic and make a swim for the border? Really, I don’t know what you are doing sometimes apart from attempting to justify your existence and budget).

And that has happened a lot. At first, back in Minneapolis, the response was usually after the post, about ten to fifteen minutes. Now it’s before I can even get the darn things posted or fully typed.

Anyway, the general purpose of these kinds of posts is to illustrate what’s done, something about why, and to those others it is happening to, you are neither alone nor imagining things.

And, finally, did I mention that NATO is pretty much running all terror organizations, has been since WWII? I did? Well, I am again. This means they are ultimately responsible for the Spanish train terror attack among other things. You ignore both NKINTRA and “GLADIO C” at your own peril. These people do not have your best interests in mind.

Further, you will not succeed in stopping one without dealing with the other. This audio subliminal and other behavior structuring stuff (and things like the adrenaline thing referenced at top, called a “caffeine zone” by the organized stalking crowd long before I heard of them and is also what I believe to have been the ultimate cause of the death of Heath Ledger. He worked until he collapsed, lots of extra energy having driven him to work tirelessly for as long as it took to make him exhausted. The illnesses and overuse of remedies resulted from that.) can be used to fix anything. It’s dangerous to democracy. In fact I’d say it probably killed it some time ago and we didn’t even notice.

Must be contended with, folks. Otherwise, expect things to get worse and the echo chamber to sound more echoey.

(Hulk smash!).

* Which I did not note at the time (late January…the car problems have been fairly back-to-back) because I thought it might at last be just “normal” happening. This happy thought was shattered when the brake line started bleeding fluid.

** What’s the matter? Don’t like a little change? Of course you don’t. You’re a coward.