Spooks vs. Zombies

HuffPo – Large Federal Zombie Apocalypse Exercise Scheduled

The keynote speaker beforehand will be a retired top spook – former CIA Director Michael Hayden.

I tell ya, I can’t keep up. Like The Wisp, Infernis is going to become more and more dramatic re-enactment / documentary / history before I get the damn thing finished.

False-flag zombies…well, that’ll be one way to shorten the lines at the gas station, get good seats at the movies, and to cut down on the Social Security budget while simultaneously increasing the military one.

(Some may have forgotten the flesh-eating stories of last year and the, apparently false, claim that synthetic drugs generically called “bath salts” were to blame).


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  1. […] But back to the zombie apocalypse and our top brass working to protect us from the undead. I mean look who was keynote speaker two years ago. […]

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