Oscar Pistorius

Laughter is a devilish wind which deforms, uh, the lineaments of the face and makes men look like monkeys.

I could talk about how I went to church (early 90s, you know after CIA-zombie camp popularly known as the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival) with the South African ambassador to the UN and his family, schooled his kids in Bible study. There were several what I would call cultural clashes, and yet it was I, not my African-American partner in crime ecumenical brainwashing, who caught the brunt of it. (That aside, I liked the family. Nice people, just rather religiously conservative from where I stood.)

Or, I could regale you with tales of one of my first drinking buddies in Minneapolis, a South African who drank too much, was something of a sadist, and how I talked MPD out of arresting him and his boyfriend one night when they started pummeling each other in the bar parking lot because the Iowan partner had been too friendly with a female friend of theirs. (With little doubt another example of behavioral modification, as I would see in the Twin Cities many, many times).

But that’d be about me. This isn’t.

No way of knowing from what I’ve read (Time, “Oscar Postorius and South Africa’s Culture of Violence” by Alex Perry * ) whether or not for certain that, for example, voice-to-skull or audio subliminals were involved. But…

It would tend to, like the assassination of Bhutto, stir things up in that country and not in a good way. That is also happened on Valentine’s Day would also seem to be disheartening.

And that is perhaps one goal that I have not covered very much. In addition to killing and discrediting your opponents, in order to have a decisive world conquest, you’ve also got to demoralize him and force him to the false choices of suicidal despair ** or turn him into a rabid killing machine bent on continuing what you started. This, more than anything explains the intense interest in controlling Hollywood, in turning to only pro-war narratives or ones that, for example, support torture.

(Also see the sports tag on this blog for more on the big picture operation for shifting the US into full Roman mode).

I suppose for anyone who has read especially my fiction, you’ve noted a turn from the optimism, a bit less humor (okay, a lot less humor). A turn toward the Dark Side.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked dark stories even if I didn’t always want to watch or read again immediately due to a tragic ending.

But if you only see propaganda and stories with largely hopeless messages, it will over time affect you. And by you I mean the populace at large.

Entertainment and news are where we get “who we are” and who, for example, the CIA is. Whether we’re talking the capture of OBL’s nephew or Jack Ryan saving people from a terror attack, the underlying narrative, the “what’s it really about?”, is fiction.

So it is with bad news and the BS narrative that accompanies it:

9/11 = All Muslims bad.

Bradley Manning (and that one shooter dude and what these f***tards have tried to get me to do) = gays are untrustworthy.

Environmental science data errors = climate science a sham.

This is the idea. This is the goal.

Or one goal. Overall, it’s just about population reduction, and you can be sure that the Pistorius story will help with that. It’s depressing as hell and therefore demoralizing. I’d write a short story about it, but, hey I already did. But that was Halloween. Wrong holiday apparently.

These men, the ones behind “GLADIO C”, have forgotten what they started fighting for. ***

* Overall, I like that Perry infused the article with the history and current crime problem in South Africa. It serves to teach even if ultimately that had little to do with why, merely what made it possible and what the legal defense is saying. It should serve in that educational regard as a warning to some other country that likes its guns a little too much (you know, ’cause 9/11, 9/11, 9/11…). But as our new Secretary of State once said, we apparently have the right to be stupid. Just not for much else these days.

** Deserving of a post on its own. Reduces population, doesn’t it?

*** As prophesied by REO Speedwagon. ****

**** A joke. As is giving footnotes footnotes.


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